INTERVIEW: Flesh of the Lotus – Pennsylvania Slamming Deathcore That Brings The Heat.

Pennsylvania’s Slamming Deathcore outfit Flesh of the Lotus has remained fairly silent since their last song “213″  released last year! Aside from playing live shows the band has been reclusive about their studio progression. Flesh of the Lotus is in fact planning new material for a full length album according to our conversation with the band, which you can find below! The 5-piece group was formed in 2016 and have previously released a 4 track EP titled, “Vicissitude” and the aforementioned track above. Flesh of the Lotus have made a name for themselves in the scene with their thick guitar and bass – combined with sheer brutality that stands within the genre. We are thankful to be able to sit and talk with Flesh of the Lotus


What are the future plans for Flesh of the Lotus?
Writing and playing shows in new places. We’d really like to get out to the Midwest and farther south on the east coast more  than  we have.
How did you guys originally come to be?
Keith, Facer, and Randy were in a band called Into the Depths that fizzled out. Still wanting to make heavy music, we were introduced to Hunter and eventually Brent and formed into the band we are today.
When did you guys form?
What artists have inspired your music?
The Acacia Strain, I Declare War, Acranius, Whoretopsy, Black Tongue, Rose Funeral, Despised Icon, Ion Dissonance, Rivers of Nihil, Abiotic
What kind of sound are you going for with the new music?
Dissonant and eerie hellish atmosphere.
Will the new record be an EP or album?
Full length album.
Anything you’d like to tell NT?
A lot of our lyrics deal with themes of addiction and the struggle of recovery as our vocalist is a recovering heroin addict.  The rest deals with heavy topics such as the darker sides of humanity and religion. We realize that this is a cornerstone in Rodgers recovery and  hope to inspire others in their recovery, whatever that may be from.
And yes, our name does come from a 70s porn and we’d love to fuck your ear holes.

Being a fan since birth of the band I’m colored stoked for the new material! Get a taste of Flesh of the Lotus below!

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