Hey guys, I’m back with an interview I got to have with the amazing Revival Recordings band The Home Team. If you don’t know who they, that’s okay. You’ll found out soon enough since they are on tour. They might just pop up around your neighborhood. All that set aside, the interview in question focused around the tour as well as some side project questions. Such as twitch gaming with Daniel Matson. Please enjoy the interview below and check out the Home Team while you are at it, as they are on Spotify, iTunes, you name it. Well, let’s take a dive into the interview.


  1. So just to get started, who is The Home Team? We’re a pop-rock band from Seattle!


  1. What are your guys’ influences? We all grew up listening to and playing metal/hardcore, so musically we draw a lot of influence from heavier bands. Instrumentally I think that’s super apparent in our music, maybe not so much vocally. Bands like Slayer, Bury Your Dead, and The Black Dahlia Murder definitely influences us as musicians, but as a band, we’re heavily influenced by a lot of the mid 00’s scene (Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco).


  1. With the release of this acoustic track, what is the story behind “She’s Quiet” being the chosen track for an acoustic conversion? Being that She’s Quiet is our most popular song, it kind of just made sense! Also, we had a few tours where we played an acoustic rendition of it before it was ever even released, since the “full-band” version wasn’t completely prepared, and we ended up getting a ton of compliments on the way it sounded. Plus, we feel like it’s the most heartfelt song on the album, and that stripping it down to its core would give listeners a chance to hear it in a completely different setting since the original is so high-energy.


  1. Are there any other tracks you plan on turning into acoustics? We have an acoustic version of Fashion Forward we’re working on as well!


  1. How has touring been going? From what I’ve seen and heard from various other bands, it is always something different. What has really stuck out to you all? Any newfound favorite memories that have been made? Maybe a favorite show so far? We’ve been on tour for the past month and it’s been a blast. We hit the East coast for the first time since we released Better Off, and it’s been crazy people sing along with us. We had people driving multiple hours to come to see us which was wild. I think my favorite show of this tour was when we played in Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506! We met a bunch of people from our label for the first time, and it was one of the most packed shows of the tour. 


  1. What else on the agenda of The Home Team? I know on the side that Daniel, the drummer, does twitch gaming. Are there any other side projects we should keep an eye on? Bok has a side project called Johnny Youth, Daniel streams on Twitch (, and Brian makes music videos in Seattle. As a band we’re going to be livestreaming more over the next couple months, so make sure to follow us on Instagram (@thehometeam) and Twitter (@thehometeamnw) to follow us and catch the livestreams!


  1. What do you have to say to your fans, new and old, thus far? Thank you so much for listening to and supporting our band. We’re working on new material right now, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Come hang out at a show!

Thank you Revival Recordings for allowing me to get the chance to interview these fine folks. I hope you, the readers and fans of The Home Team liked what you heard. Catch them on tour or on your playlist. Have a good one!