Interview: Hudson Hower, Vocalist/Lyricist of Bruised But Not Broken


BS: I have the pleasure of interviewing the vocalist of the incredible new up-and-coming metalcore band Bruised But Not Broken. Thanks for doing this brother, how are you?

HH: Doing great man, how are you? It’s a pleasure!

BS: Doing pretty great myself, brother!

Let’s start by having you introduce yourself.

HH: My name is Hudson, I do vocals for the band. Matt plays drums, Trevor and Josh play guitar, and Zac plays bass. Trevor and Zac help me out with vocals live as well. They’re both incredible, great dudes to have supporting me on stage

BS: Your album “Just(Defied)” is absolutely beyond words. What was the inspiration behind how this album came together?

HH: Thanks a lot man, that means a lot… Well, I guess the musical inspiration was based on progression. I think that our first track we had written for the EP was The Master & His Daughter, which we think really set the bar for the music we are trying to create. We’re going to continue pushing its limits, but that was a great focal point for our understanding of how we wanted, and want to continue making music. Lyrically it is very much so based on a variety of subjects varying from…. Well, it’s probably better if I let people look into it for themselves. Any questions, feel free to let me know. I get super excited talking about the lyrical aspect of our writings

BS: You just signed to Standby Records not too long ago, how did this happen and what has your experience with them been like so far?

HH: Heck yeah we did! It started through our manager Shawn, from the The Artery Foundation. Him and Eric really pushed for what was best for us, and Standby is definitely the place to be. Our experience has been great. Everyone on the Standby team is personable and some of the hardest working individuals you will ever meet. It’s so cool how much of a team effort it is. It’s a blessing, and people are about to have their heads rocked by what is going to come out of Standby in the time to come. I’m trying to get ready for it myself…. I highly doubt anyone will be ready for what’s coming out of Standby.

BS: There are many different reasons for writing lyrics and songs, tell me: What was your favorite song on the EP and why? Also, what was the driving force behind that track?

HH: My favorite is probably A Starving Clock. I love the overall feel of the song musically; I feel like it moves in a lot of different directions. Lyrically, it’s an important song to me as well. I had a friend in my earlier years of high school who had died of a drug overdose. Well, it’s arguable. Long story short, whether they were “bad” pills or it was an overdose, he passed long before his time. The song touches on him for a bit, but the rest goes into how he was treated by those he was around much of the time. It talks about how while those he was around put him down consistently, and how his home life was less than fortunate, he still has a Creator who’s promises are greater that the hate that the world pushed toward him. I wish he heard it before he left because just like all of us, Bob just wanted to know he was loved.

BS: I’ve heard a few rumors about a full-length album in the works? Is there any news you can divulge to us about this or how it’s coming along so far?

HH: We’re super close to being finished! Two songs need vocals on them… So this is all my fault…. Haha, but yeah, we are recording in July! It will be a 10 song CD and obviously we are incredibly excited about it. All of us have been busting our tails to make it the best that we can. The amount of time we’ve spent writing these songs can hardly be counted. Mainly because none of us are too solid at math. Anyways, it’s hard to describe what people will think of it. I’m thinking that musicians will like this album a lot. Also thinking that there is something on this album for everyone. Other than that, we will keep everyone updated. This is just The Beginning.

BS: You guys have pushed through many different hardships and it’s not hard to see, that you guys have become like a family. How is it that you met?

HH: Oh man. I knew Matt since 6th grade, and he’s been on drums forever so I knew he was a musician pretty fast. Stevie moved in the area in 8th grade, and him and I went to an Anberlin concert together. At that point, him, myself and Matt kind of started putting random things together. Our 8th grade choir teacher actually blackmailed us into playing a talent show, and we needed a band name…. Bruised But Not Broken began! Over time, Trevor hopped in and Zac grabbed a 4 string. Game on.

BS: This is a question I like to ask anyone I interview: Bands and management have been known to play pranks on one another on tour. Has BBNB taken part in this? If so, what is the best prank you have pulled and, also, what is the worst prank that has been pulled on you?

HH: Haha, well man we haven’t had a whole lot of opportunity to prank other bands, or be pranked on. We all screw around with each other though. At least during practice Trevor will often just do all sorts of goofy stuff to make us die laughing. You’ll see it on the road I’m sure

BS: Do you have any rituals you like to perform before playing or recording?

HH: Other than praying before we play, not a whole lot. We drink a lot of Mountain Dew so, I’m not sure if that counts…. Haha

BS: What are some methods of motivation that you guys use when you need a little “pick me up”?

HH: Oh, definitely the intake of Mountain Dew. It probably isn’t FDA approved…

BS: What would be your dream tour? Both in the sense of bands you would tour with and bands you would love to see tour together?

HH: Dang. Um… A dream tour for us would be with The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, August Burns Red and Justin Timberlake. Throw in a little bit of Allen Stone as well. Personally, I’d love to see Ascend The Hill, My Epic, and Underoath tour together. Off the record, I definitely wouldn’t be mad if Panic! At The Disco jumped in on that lineup.

BS: I guess that about wraps it up, is there anything you would like to say to your fans, our readers, or the general public?

HH: That you’re all the freaking bomb, and we are working hard for you guys. We will keep you updated. Once again, this is just The Beginning.

BS: Thank you guys once again for doing this, hope to see you out on tour soon!!

HH: Thanks so much man! We’ll buy your dinner next time. We won’t forget the candles 🙂


Just(Defied) is out on Standby Records on iTunes for now and will hopefully see a physical release