INTERVIEW: Hunter of Hunt The Dinosaur Talks On New Album And How It All Came To Be!

Hatching in Dallas, Texas – Hunt The Dinosaur has surely made a name for themselves since their inception in 2014. Releasing their first EP as a self-titled in 2014 the band went through trail and error to reach where they are today. Their newest album, “Dankosaurus“, released on May 31st, 2019 via Dino Distribution and Legend Recordings and is currently sitting above 250k streams on Spotify! This 4-piece outfit brings pure Deathcore to their fans. I had the honor to sit and talk with Hunter, the mastermind behind Hunt The Dinosaur about the new album, signing to Legend Recordings, and more!


I had to ask, what sparked the beginning of Hunt The Dinosaur?

I just wanted to start my own band! My name is Hunter and I named the band after myself. I’m Hunt The Dinosaur. So basically I did a rap cover and it got popular! I spun off that and wrote my own material. Eventually we got members and it all became Hunt The Dinosaur.

What is the inspiration behind the project? We know you guys like to have fun!

Yes we love to have fun! Some of it is weed related or party related. I’m never going to write an album that means just one thing to me. I write a song and that song has one meaning to me. There’s some songs about smoking weed or getting fucked up, and then there’s songs about being betrayed by your friends, having people you trust and count on fuck you over. You know? That’s how I like to write. I like to write a song to where it has it’s meaning sometimes serious. sometimes fun!

Who is currently apart of Hunt The Dinosaur?

Me, Hunter Madison on Vocals

Daniel Gomez on Guitar,

Trevor Scott on Drums

Nakao Arnold is Bass

The new Dankosaurus is one well crafted album, can you walk through what it took to bring the album to light?

So much stuff man, it took forever to get this album out. I been working on it for the past 4 years. It went through it’s up and downs. I’ve had multiple member changes. The songs have been rewritten and revised multiple times. Everything that has happened has been a good thing I think for Hunt The Dinosaur. We got buster to mix and master this record and without him this record wouldn’t have done as well as I think it did. I’m really proud of him and thankful of him for helping us. It was a long process but I think we made something we’re really proud of. Personally I’m super proud of it. I’ve been working on these songs for a long time.


Hunt The Dinosaur signed to Legend Recordings, how did that happen?

Chris got in touch with my manager, they talked for a bit, and we signed to Legend Recordings

You guys got any shows or tour plans?

Right now we have a few shows booked. We have a show in August with Attila. We have another show in October with our boys in I Am Destruction. No tours planned yet but we do plan on it. We’re working on getting transportation!

Funniest moment when tracking Dankosaurus?

Man that’d be hard to pick. We’ve been working on these songs for the past 3-4 years.. Let me think for a second, a lot of funny stuff happened. If I had to pick one it’d be when I was doing vocals I was tracking a part, I was getting down so hard I puked.

What does this project mean to you?

This project to me personally is very dear to my heart. I created this band. Hunt The Dinosaur is me, I write 70% of the music, I name everything, I write the lyrics, and I pay for everything in this band. Me personally what it means is freedom of expression, having a good time, partying, being open minded and kind, striking back to the people who hurt you harder. 

Anything you’d like to tell New Transcendence?

Nothing too much to tell – We’re already working on new stuff. It’ll be a process starting the new album. Along with the original music we’ll be releasing some covers. We’re kind of a cover band but other than that man that’s it!



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