Interview: Jesse DeFehr of Throwdown Designs and Redeem the Dead Apparel

BearlySinister: I’m sitting here with a good friend of ours, Jesse DeFehr of Trust in Fear Records and, most recently, started doing some professional graphic designing. How are you today, Jesse?Jesse: I’m doing Great man, how about yourself?!BearlySinister: Living the dream, brother! Just taking it one day at a time and pushing myself to the limits, y’know?

Tell us a little bit about what it is that lead you to start graphic designing?Jesse: Basically my heart has always been in art, whether it be doodling on a paper with my pen in hand or music, poetry, really anything that allows me to express myself in a purer way.
A few months ago i realized i had a talent for photoshop and started to play around with some album ideas a bit and to my surprise a lot of people were intrigued with my art. So this led me to ultimately offer art of all varieties to bands for half the cost of other designers. It’s never been about the money for me but rather helping bands show a truer side to them without having to dig deep into their wallets.
Though the past few months graphic designing has become a full time job for me, and i can honestly say i love waking up in the morning and getting to work.BearlySinister: Truly inspiring story. It’s always great to take what you love to the next level. That’s why I started reviewing!

So, we had an interview with you and Robby who run Trust In Fear Records awhile back. How’s that going?

Also, tell us a little bit about your new clothing company Redeem the Dead Apparel

Jesse: Yeah, basically i left Trust in Fear recently to focus on my life, as i was walking down a road that i once had, and i promised myself i’d never walk it again, when i came to realize i was turning old habits i dropped a lot in my life to better myself, so as far as the record label goes i am no longer affiliated with them, as it was hard to juggle both my personal life and others.

As far as Redeem The Dead goes, its great man we recently ordered our first batch of shirts for Spring Break i believe we ordered 50, and we literally sold out in less than 24 hours so that was an amazing feeling, hoping to get a larger quantity as soon as possible and expand into other countries thats the hopes anyways.

BearlySinister: Wow man, seems like you’ve got things figured out! Sorry to hear that you had to leave TIF, but I’m happy that you did it to better yourself, rather than to just leave. Congrats on the success of RTD Apparel so far and hope to see much more in the future!

Can you tell us a little bit about some bands you’ve done work for since you’ve started graphic designing?

Jesse: Thanks man, that means a lot. Personally i believe a lot of people forget who they are, and once you start to lose sight of yourself you become a whole different person, so i encourage everyone to sit down once in a while and just reflect on who you really are, it keeps you pure at mind and heart, and allows you to see life from a whole new perspective.

And I’ve done work for quite a few bands, right now I’m actually working on my homies ep art in “Tomorrow May Fail” I’ve also done some work for Robby Anderson of Despised Virtues new side project among so many other bands, I’m truly blessed and if i could mention all the names i would, but we don’t have the time, so to all of you out there; much love homies you complete me!

BearlySinister: Sounds like a fun experience! I’m sure all the bands appreciate the hard work and the time you take to create your designs. The ones I’ve seen are pretty sick!

Jesse: Thanks a lot man, i try to put my heart and soul into every piece i put out! I’m hear to capture the minds of others and portray it in a physical piece, its not always easy, but the reward is always large

BearlySinister: Tell us a little bit about the thought process behind your designs? Do you just go off of what the bands want? Do you have certain things you do that help bring it together?

Jesse: Being as i see life from a different perspective than most people, i capture the beauty in every minute the day has to offer, basically with that being said, when i go home i reflect on my day and then i just put my thoughts to work. If a band requests certain things, ill always find a way to work them in, but basically its nothing to special; i just take all that my mind has to offer and lay it on paper till its as if im looking inside my mind.

BearlySinister: No better way to do it man! Sounds like you really have your talent figured out and you seem to throw everything you’ve got into your work. It seems so rare that people do that anymore. They tend to want to do it for the money, rather than for the passion and satisfaction of creating great pieces. You’re an incredible artist and I hope you never let anyone make you believe any different man.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers, your fans and the general public?

Jesse: Basically, don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t amount to something, so many times have i been told that i would never succeed, i personally took these things to heart and it always hurt. I’d find myself in a place where i was left without words to describe myself, though i was never good at art when i started it was a way for me to reach out and express myself in a way that was never possible before, whether it be poetry, music, art, anything at all. Find the thing that makes you happiest in life and hold onto it, if it allows you to open your mind and express yourself freely then do it. Whatever it may be, always be the person you want to be, never the person someone wants you to be. And when others tell you can’t tell yourself you can; to all those people who said i would never amount to anything in life I’ve been signed, toured numerous times, met fans and friends seen life in ways i never thought possible, i’ve amounted to so much more than i ever thought i could, just because i found the courage to tell myself i CAN. And YOU CAN too, all you have to do is believe.

BearlySinister: Couldn’t have said it better myself brother! Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview and we will be keeping an eye on you!

Jesse: Thanks a lot man, that means the world to me, ill be sure to keep up with you guys too, thanks for the amazing interview and taking the time to hear out my thoughts.

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