INTERVIEW: Juan Hinojosa of Shaping The Legacy


I had the chance to interview former Upon A Burning Body drummer Juan Hinojosa who, along with former members of the bands Blinded in Bliss and Perception of Intent, decided to keep pushing forward on the music scene with their new band Shaping The Legacy. We talked about life after UABB, the new EP, and other stuff. You can check out their official Facebook here and purchase the new EP on CDBaby or on iTunes. You can also get it physically here.

New Transcendence: Please state your name and your role in the band.

Juan Hinojosa: My name is Juan and I play drums for Shaping The Legacy.

NT: What has been your favorite part of the recording process for the new album?

JH: My favorite part of the recording process is just playing. I really enjoy playing!! And there is something special about recording in a studio.

NT: Most people would recognize you as the former drummer of Upon A Burning Body. What has life been like since you left the band?

JH: It’s been normal!! Haha. But I’m ready to get back in the game!!

NT: What do you draw inspirations from when you write your music? Is it personal, life experiences or just random thoughts that pop in your head?

JH: For me, it’s all in the moment. Feeling the flow of things and how the song is progressing. Sometimes we just feel what comes next or what kind of transition needs to be added. That’s the beauty of being able to write with four other guys!

NT: What is your favorite song on the new album?

JH: My favorite song would have to be Victims of Creation. That song is so much fun to play live! It has a lot of drive and energy and I believe Joe and Rudy did a great job on the chorus.

NT: Is there anything you would do differently during the writing/recording process if you could go back in time?

JH: No! Nothing actually. I’m super satisfied with this EP! This is just the beginning!

NT: What would be one band you would love to collaborate with?

JH: I think I would really like to collaborate with the guys in Killswitch. Adam D is a genius and I think he brings the best out of bands!

NT: What has been the biggest challenge during the writing/recording process?

JH: There wasn’t really too many challenges actually. Joe and Bryan work really hard on this EP and nailed everything!! Which made it easy for everything to fall into place.

NT: What’s the plan for the future after the new album releases?

JH: Our future plans are to keep pushing, keep working and hit the road. We definitely have new music in the works and this winter, we are hitting the road on a two week west coast run with our friends in Fortunes and Buried Under Texas.

NT: Any funny stories from the studio?

JH: Our bass player Justin recorded the vocals for the EP in his home and renamed all the songs. For instance our first song is Endlessly, and he change the name to Endless Pee. It’s mostly an inside joke with the band but It was something that stuck and we still use the name today haha

NT: Lastly, any words to the fans?

JH: My word to the fans is, thanks to everyone who has showed support. You make this possible for us, to be able to pursue our dreams. We also have our EP available on digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon and also Spotify. It’s called illuminate. And check out our video for Chasing the Horizon on YouTube.