Formed in 2018 – Brand of Sacrifice is an Brutal Death Metal outfit reaching from Toronto and Manhattan. The group’s new album, “God Hand“, has peaked at #20 on Billboard Heatseekers, and has made waves with fans across the globe. “God Hand” was released July 5th via Unique Leader Records. The album has been one of my personal favorites so far for the year, or last few years for that matter. Brand of Sacrifice is currently preparing to embark on The Summer Slaughter Tour w/ Cattle Decapitation, Carnifex, The Faceless, and more! We had the honor to sit and talk with their vocalist, Kyle Anderson, about their adventures and some of the processes with “God Hand“!

How did Brand Of Sacrifice originally come to be?

“Brand of Sacrifice” was originally created as a side project to our band called “The Afterimage” at the time. I always wanted to created a brutal death metal/slam influenced project and my guitarist Leo wanted to write some heavy music. I decided to base the vibe and aesthetic around my favourite manga/anime of all time “Berserk.”

The new album, God Hand, is truly a work of art. Who produced it?

Thanks for the kind words! The album was amazing Written, engineered produced, mixed and mastered by our guitarist Michael Leo Valeri. I engineered and produced the vocals and gave some creative input on the instrumental maybe 5-10% of the album.

I see you guys are actively playing shows, is there any upcoming events?

We are about to hit the road for over a month on the Summer Slaughter Tour with the likes of Cattle Decaptitation, Carnifex, The Faceless, Rivers of Nihil and more!

Who’s all apart of Brand of Sacrifice?

Kyle Anderson (Vocals/Lyrics)- Michael Leo Valeri (Guitar/Production) – Liam Beeson (Guitar) – Dallas Bricker (Bass) – Rob Zalischi (Drums) – Dylan Gould (Media/Touring bassist at times)

Take me into some of the writing process for God Hand?

Typically Leo will create an instrumental and I will either guide him on the vibe of the next part with some examples (often by voice notes or beatboxing haha). Most of the time though he sends me fully written instrumentals and then I track the vocals and send those back to him. For this album it was relatively the same!

What’s the funniest moments you’ve had as a band?

Funniest moments would be probably creating the “Pizza Prank” or making a tour video with Signs of the Swarm, Depths of Hatred & Sentinels in Tennesse.

Personally what is your favorite song off God Hand?

My favourite song is probably Fortress off of the album, second favourite would be Charlotte.

How long have you been doing vocals?

I have been doing vocals on and off since roughly 2008.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I would recommend that everyone checks out our new podcast that we have started called BOSPOD. It’s available on Spotify and Apple will be coming soon. We talk extensively about the album and we answered questions from the fans (25 of them in fact). We will be doing more episodes soon and speaking with various guests from other bands and other industry professionals like label owners, booking agents & much more.

It was quite a treat to talk with Kyle and get some insight! Below we attached the full stream for “God Hand” and The Summer Slaughter Tour dates!

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