Interview: Lacey Sturm “Life Screams” And Touring

I  was given an amazing opportunity to interview Lacey Sturm formerly of Flyleaf, Now she’s doing her own solo career. She is also writing books and touring. Her song “Rot” has reached # 1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart, marking the first time a solo woman topped the illusive chart. It’s safe to say she has a full plate of success, let’s see what she had to say.


1. When writing your new book “The Mystery: Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers” where did you get your inspiration?

Well, I feel like when I was younger, I was sort of robbed, by believing in the pop-culture myth that: It’s our feelings that tell us what’s true. I made most of my decision based on my fickle feelings, and that ended up being really destructive to my life. When I barely made it out of this lie alive, I became angry at how deceived I’d been. I prayed that if there was any way that God could use my story to help others avoid the same heart break, or at least make it out alive, and heal from it, I was willing to share what I went through.

2. Being a mother of two, where does the time for family play into touring?

My boys travel with us when we tour and by the time we hit the stage they are usually ready for bed. Most of the time touring leaves a lot of time open for adventures during the day.

3. Your songs “Rot” and “Impossible” – are about struggle and triumphs. What were the concepts of these tracks to you?

I think you got it right. There is a revelatory element to the songs. Many times its in an ‘aha’ moment that I write. The realization that each breath is a miracle was what I was pondering when I wrote impossible. For “Rot” I had just read Annie Lobert’s book “Fallen” about getting out prostitution and surviving human trafficking. I came away with an understanding that freedom is a choice we can make no matter how trapped we feel. Because the freedom in our soul is given to us by God and no matter what, we can choose to honor that freedom. This was something I didn’t understand for years. So often I blamed others for things that I could actually rise above and change in my own heart, just by choosing freedom, faith and hope.

4. What’s your favorite part of touring?

My favorite parts of touring are getting to build our family on the bus and getting to meet and talk to the fans. I love the adventures we get to have in new places as well and the feeling of being lead by the wind in a way, because most of the time you don’t know what will happen from one day to the next.

5. If you could personally pick someone to collaborate with that you haven’t already, who would you choose? 

Bono. My mom, my brothers and sisters. And maybe my sons one day.

6. What would you say was your favorite song to record or perform off of “Life Screams”?  What’s the track that gets you up and moving?

My favorite song is usually the freestyle song we just make up on the spot at the show each night. ‘Cause it’s unpredictable.

Even its weird and just bad, it’s a product of risk and faith and community… A product of Josh, Ben, Tom and I being family and taking risks together.. Even if that means we look like fools together. It’s good to remember in those moments, in the middle of a rock show where everyone expects you to be the coolest, that we can just look at each other, remember we are family first and not performers only, and be dorky and free and silly and whatever the moment calls for.

7. How was your “Generation Doom” Tour with Otep and September Morning – any memorable moments that stand out?

I loved getting to know Emily from September Mourning. She is a deep well of treasure and I believe in her very much. I loved getting to know the girls from Doll Skin. They are brilliant obviously and they have amazing hearts. I’m such a big fan of Sydney. She is going to move mountains. I also loved hearing Otep talk about the reason why she chose to cover the song “Royals”. I really related to that and the song originally stood out to me for the same reasons when I first heard it. I feel like we could have been BFF’s when we were kids.

8. You are an Author, Mother, and a very accomplished performer. I just wanted to say that was awesome. No question here. 


9. Your music touches alot of people, what is a message you would like to send out to the ones who make it through their situations and stay strong because of your music? 

I want to say to them that they are an answer to my prayers. And they make me feel braver and help me to keep going. I want to thank them for being brave and holding on to hope when it’s offered to them. I know many times that’s a hard choice to make, but I believe every time we make the choice to hope instead of despair that choice becomes a ripple that goes out to heal the world a little more. So Thank You!

Official video for “Rot”

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