Interview: Lee Jennings of The Funeral Portrait Discusses The Empress Tour, New Music, Band’s Future and More

October 26th, 2017: The venue empties and I finally take a seat across from someone who has become a great friend over the years, Lee Jennings, vocalist of The Funeral Portrait. This was my fourth time seeing the band, this time with Social Repose and Hotel Books. Having been at every show they’ve performed at Aftershock, the air was electric with excitement for the opportunity to finally get a chance to speak to one another at a professional capacity. Below, you’ll find the audio of the resulting interview (including some hilarious background conversation provided by Social Repose’s merch guy, Dan.) This was an amazing, insightful and detailed interview and I’m proud to have had this chance. Be on the lookout for the band’s new single, very soon, and hope you enjoy! To Lee, Revival Recordings, Cory O’Meara (Stratgazer Entertainment) and everyone else who made this show happen.. I want to thank you, sincerely, as it was truly a night that I will never forget. Also, be on the lookout for my interviews with Richie Giese (Social Repose) and Cam Smith (Hotel Books) that I’ll be posting shortly!  Also, as an added bonus, I’ve set these interviews to be available for download, in case you want to check them out on the go! Lastly, I’ll be posting a full review of the show in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

P.S. I apologize for the chairs scraping about 20 minutes into the interview… when we were doing it, the venue was getting ready to close up, so they were cleaning up/picking up. Bear with us, it’s only a few seconds!

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The Funeral Portrait is:
Lee Jennings – Vocals
Mikey J – Guitar
Robert Weston – Bass
Homer – Drums

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