INTERVIEW: Matt “The Bunny” Tybor of The Bunny The Bear



Alright, first off – I just want to thank you guys, so much, for doing this.  It really means a lot to me, both as an interviewer and a fan to know that you care enough to answer questions we have for you!

1) Let’s begin with a three part question – you guys seem to be touring a lot lately, but what was your favorite recent tour, what was your favorite place to play on that tour, and who was your favorite band to get to play with on that tour?
The Bunny – I don’t really have preferable favorite of recent tour, to be honest. I think most tours have their ups and downs! And there are always bands you either grow very close to or just remain casual with. As far as venues, it’s the same way. I tend to look more forward to returning to the venues that I’ve formed friendships and relationships with though!

2) Many people, myself included, have always been curious about your masks.  Can you tell us anything about them?  I mean, what inspired you to wear these masks, and what do they really mean to you?
The Bunny – Honestly, there was a lack of inspiration when I came up with the masks concept. It happened the same time I had come up with the idea of the project and it was quite random and more of a random idea. I literally just thought “I want to create some music a tad differently. I’ll just start a band called The Bunny The Bear, oh , and why not run around in plastic children’s masks.” Haha.  There wasn’t some in depth emotionally riveting explanation for this coming about, just random impulse. 

3) How do you guys as a band get along?  Do you have a lot of fun and get along well on tour?
The Bunny – For quite a long while now I have only been bringing touring musicians out, and usual different ones every tour. Alex is the only one I’ve brought out band wise consecutively for a long time now. He, simply, just gets shit done, haha. And he’s great to be around. Aside from that, Chris (the Bear) is the only one always out on the road. Him and I have been friends for like 9 years, were kind of like an old married couple, we bicker here and there, but we love each other, haha. 

4) How would you guys feel about getting a chance to play at Warped Tour this year, or any other year?
The Bunny – I’d love to have the opportunity, and I’m sure Chris is just as fond of the idea! Hopefully sooner or later it shall happen!!!

5) Are there any bands that you all would absolutely love to get a chance to play a tour or festival with?
The Bunny – There’s many bands I’d enjoy having the opportunity to share a stage with, either out of fandom or just genuine curiosity, as far as listing them off, it would fill this page, ha.

6) Overall, what has been your favorite experience as a band – on tour or otherwise?
The Bunny – Id say our overseas run. Really enjoyed hitting up the UK/ Europe. Things are extremely enjoyable over there, really hoping to get back soon!

7) You guys are about to release your new record, “Stories”; did you have a certain mindset going into the studio, such as what sort of different sound you wanted this record to take on?
The Bunny – I think I had a different mindset at times while writing this record. I wanted to focus on different elements that I hadn’t put enough thought on previously. I also knew going in that I wanted to focus about more on keys and organic noise at times, as well as the underlying dance elements that have been present in different manors each record. I also wanted to sing a lot more on this record, not just my usual harmonies and one-liners. I spent many hours downing cup after cup of coffee and chain smoking cigs to make this album come to life, and I think it has.

8) What do you guys want your fans to know about the record – sound changes, stories behind it, inspiration, etc.?
The Bunny – I think most things were covered in the previous question, but I don’t know. As far as sound, my writing changes every album slightly, in one direction or another. And I love having the means to do so. I wish more bands did so. I am just not starting to really mold the direction of this project, writing wise. I think this album is a lot more focused directionally than previous releases! I’m just inspired by my life, everything. Good and the bad. I just write, I don’t plan things out. I live it, feel it and go with it.

9) What should your fans expect from you besides this upcoming tour and record – anything else coming up soon?
The Bunny – Honestly, the primary focus for TBTB right now is touring! I’m already writing, and always do. But I’m really just trying to keep the band on the road as much as possible! Nothing super special yet! But we will keep you all informed! 

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, and I hope your answers get all of your fans even more excited for this record, your upcoming tour and all things near and far coming from you guys!  Good luck in the future!


The Bunny The Bear’s new record, “Stories,” is hitting stores on April sixteenth through Victory Records, and is available for preorder on Victory Records’ website!

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