Interview – A Moment With Matthew Nevitt Of Message From Sylvia

I had a moment with Message From Sylvia’s own Matthew Nevitt. He shed some light on his new album, and about being ready for whatever comes next!


Toney Emmons: What’s the distant past story for Message From Sylvia?

Matthew Nevitt: Honestly the story is just developing. The band formed in July of 2016 in the Los Angeles, CA area. Although we all have serious tour history in past projects, Message From Sylvia is brand new to the scene and hungry, Look out!


Toney: What’s in the band name? How did that come about?

Matthew Nevitt: The band name represents all the time we spend away from home and our loved ones. When we were recording our record, we stayed on Sylvia Avenue in Tarzana, CA. This is the age of technology and phones have become a vital part of life. Since we are usually hundreds or even thousands of miles from home at a time, our phone are our only link to our wives, girlfriends,children, family and friends. Phone call from Sylvia just didn’t seem to fit


Toney: When did the decision come to put First Decree to rest and how did Message From Sylvia form in its wake? How was this transition?

Matthew Nevitt: The transition was simple. The brothers had done everything they could with First Decree. When I was called, I immediately voiced that going forward this needed to be its own monster. We needed to have our own identity.


Toney: What’s is the concept of your album – any song that really spoke out and you connected with?

Matthew Nevitt: I love every track! If I had to decide, “Right Here and Now” really hits home. Although I was originally intrigued by “Alive”. That was the song that pushed me to move forward with Sahaj and the Bros.


Toney: How excited are you to play with the artist Red at the Ace Of Spades on April 2 – Do you think this will be one hell of a show?

Matthew Nevitt: Without a doubt – every show so far has been killer! This line up is serious. From a heavy two piece opener (Death Therapy) a serious rocker
(Wolves at the Gate) and of course the incredible RED! This is not a show to
miss. Oh and we’re pretty solid ourselves 🙂


Toney: What are some struggles you have encountered working on your new album that you (as a band) have overcame?

Matthew Nevitt: The biggest obstacles have all been internal. It’s not easy finding that sweet spot in a relationship. So it takes trial and error. I am happy to say we are well on our way!


Toney: With your fanbase growing is there anything you’d like to tell your fans across the world?

Matthew Nevitt: Thank You to everyone who has purchased a song, bought a ticket to our shows, bought a T-shirt or streamed a song – THANK YOU!  Simply for your time, your hard earned money and your hearts – we are so excited to finally share our album with all of you! Please continue sharing Message From Sylvia. Together we can make the impossible possible.

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