Interview: Robby Anderson of Despised Virtue (Second Edition)

BearlySinister: Once again, I bring you guys Robby Anderson of Despised Virtue. How you doing today, buddy?Robby: i’m not to bad, how about you?

BearlySinister: Pretty great, all things considered. Awaiting some big things coming to the site, haha.

So, we’ll start off talking about your current tour. I’ve seen some videos and am truly blown away by the performances I see! How has your experience been so far on this tour and tell us a little bit about it?

Robby: well this tour has been a blast! been meeting several new people! it is definitely long and tiring but it’s all apart of living the dream.

BearlySinister: Tell us a little bit about the tour. Who have you been touring with and what has been your favorite part so far?

Robby: well we just did a mini tour, going through a few places in TN, was a blast, played a few awesome venues, including blackstock, one of the biggest venues in east TN, was an honor. we have 2 more tours coming up this summer, the broad horizons tour, and the slothvader tour w/designs.

BearlySinister: Sounds like a blast! Wish I would have been able to make it to this last one, haha! Eventually, I plan to be able to see you guys live!

Now, you’ve recently announced that DV is working on their debut full-length album, titled “Divisions”, tell us a little bit about the writing process and what lead to the choosing of that title?

Robby: Actually, i shall give you guys an exclusive, our Debut album will be titled “Wishful thinking”, this album is from the deepest parts of our hearts, you wont even recognize the sound. divisions the last song we released was our last metalcore song ever. we are now aiming to release the true sound of our music. much more mature. much more singing, much more of an adult out look.

for fans of the color morale, this is for you.

BearlySinister: Wow, definitely sounds like a promising endeavor and looking forward to hearing the album!

Speaking of The Color Morale, you recently ALSO announced that you will be releasing a new single titled “Sinking Ships” which will feature none other than Garrett Rapp of The Color Morale. Tell the fans a little about how this came together!

Robby: We have a good friend who helped us get in contact with garrett, the expirence was amazing, talking to someone i highly admire. getting to write lyrics and melodies with him, the song “sinking ships” is about finding hope when there is no hope to be found.

BearlySinister: It’s definitely a great subject to hit on. There are many lost souls who tend to listen to music like yours and Garrett’s who really draw inspiration and hope from what you do. I, for one, and am extremely excited about that track and can’t wait to hear it!

Back to touring, any good pranks played yet? Or have any been played on you?

Robby: haha yes! we love to have fun, nothing to crazy this time around, but next time expect some great stories!

BearlySinister: Haha, I will definitely expect a follow-up interview after the next tour then! Glad to hear you’re having fun, I know tour life can be stressful, even when it’s short tours.

Anything else you would like to add before we wrap this up man?

Robby: i want everyone to know even though life is hard,and people can be shitty, remember there is always a reason to live, and a reason to inspire, never let life make you feel worthless, no matter how unloved you feel, just remember i love you.

BearlySinister: Incredibly moving words brother, thank you so much for doing this and look forward to the next one!

Robby: i can’t wait for the next one my man.

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