INTERVIEW: Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King


Recently Ryan Kirby, vocalist of Fit For A King, sat down with one of our writers David and did an interview. They talked about all things FFAK and more! Check it out!

NT: Alright, so first of all, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak with you! New Transcendence thanks you as well! Let’s start things off light, you recently got married! How’s the married life treating you?

RK: My wife is amazing, so the married life is pretty awesome to say the least! And no she is not peeking over my shoulder haha.

NT: Well, the writers at NT are pretty handsome so she might have to be a little worried!

RK: I may have sealed my own fate by taking this interview!

NT: Well, I guess we should call it a day huh? As a wise man once said. “Happy wife happy life. Unhappy wife, stone cold misery for the rest of your life!” – Transformers Reference?

RK: And that person is wise indeed haha.

NT: Indeed! So, talk about “Slave To Nothing.” What is the overall message behind that album and what do you want fans to really grasp onto about it?

RK: The album covers different areas of addictions and things of that sort, aside from a few songs. I want people to take away that addiction doesn’t just come in the form of drugs or alcohol, but things as simple as the pursuit of happiness.

NT: That’s a tough subject for some people to accept huh? I guess the old saying goes “you can’t fix the problem If you don’t recognize that there is one”?

RK: Absolutely. One of the hardest things a person can do is realize their own faults and correct them. Its something I work on everyday.

NT: Do you feel like this album has not only helped you, but others with their own struggles?

RK: It has definitely helped me, sometimes I think God will put words into my head for me to go back and listen to when put in the songs. And I have had some fans speak of how its helped them out, so that rules.

NT: It must feel so rewarding to know that your words, music, passion is helping someone else!

RK: It is definitely one of the best feelings a person can have!

NT: Talk about being a Christian band. The word “Christian” is literally thrown around in the music scene. When you claim it, your entire life is analyzed under a microscope. Do you think and the rest of FFAK have managed that pressure pretty well at this point in your careers?

RK: I think so. I cant speak for others, since we only know what we do in private, but the bands growth has helped me be more accountable to my beliefs since I see more and more people see me as a role model.

NT: Speaking of being a role model, you have a fan page where post some incredible things that provoke thought and reason. And yet, you have people almost every day get very offended and leave your page. How does that make you feel? Do you believe it is conviction in their hearts?

RK: I honestly don’t know what fuels it, perhaps conviction, maybe past experiences, or maybe they just think I come off as too bold and harsh. Because I hate sugar coating things.

NT: Very true. I’ve noticed people want to hear all of the good, but never the bad or the TRUTH. It seems that kind of behavior is more prevalent in Christianity than any other religion or belief system. Wouldn’t you agree?

RK: Id say thats pretty true, but as a whole, regardless of belief, people hate being challenged in their way of living.

NT: So being on tour as a husband, a Christian, is being around a lot of secular things tempting?

RK: Not really, its kinda just like being in high school. Some people are more prone to peer pressure, but thats never been one of my weaknesses.

NT: That’s honestly so awesome to hear dude. I’ve always had a ton of respect for you, but that just makes me love you even more. People talk about being on the road as a great experience, which it is. I’ve done it. But it’s also a grind and playing show after show can drain you if you’re not physically and mentally prepared. How long did it take you to really grasp onto life on the road?

RK: For me, I am not a huge fan of the touring aspect, I love playing shows haha. And now being married, its only going to get more difficult to leave. But It is also my job, not just for money, but to be a positive influence on the metalcore scene.

NT: Speaking of being on the road, you’re going to be on this years warped tour for the full tour. You guys only did a small amount of shows last year right?

RK: Yeah! we only did 18 shows last, but we’re doing the full thing this year!

NT: How does it feel being a part of Warped Tour? It’s been around for a hundred years it seems. Almost everyone knows what Warped is.

RK: Its a great feeling, its such a good atmosphere for music!

NT: What is your dream tour? Can consist of any band, together or broken up and of any genre!

RK: I just want to tour with Linkin Park. Period.

NT: Dude, yes. To see OM&M tour with them, seeing Austin do guest vocals, that is HUGE for this music scene!

RK: Absolutely! I was so pumped that he got to do that, he looked super stoked.

NT: I can just imagine how you would on “Faint”. Good lord.

RK: I would faint! No pun intended.

NT: Is a LP/FFAK tour in the future?

RK: Only in my dreams

NT: I would go Numb.

RK: Haha, so punny!

NT: What are 3 things you cannot live without on tour?

RK: My phone, my sunglasses, and my hair brush!

NT: Gotta comb that sexy mane. And my final question is sort of a serious one, I’ve asked every band this question. How do you personally feel about music pirating/downloading albums? We’ve all done it. But being on the other side of things, the music business side, it makes a huge different in sales and revenue, correct? And I know you can’t legally tell fans to go download your album, so Solid State, I got you.

RK: Now knowing how much work, time, and money goes into making it, it kind of sucks to have it stolen. But I am glad people are coming to shows and listening to us regardless of how they got our music. BUT I will say. If our band breaks up because we don’t get good tours due to lack of record sales, that you cant complain haha. Moral of the story, if you like a band and want them to stay together and keep touring, spend $10 every 18 months to keep them on the road and keep their bills paid!

NT: Very true. There’s always two sides to every subject, and kids don’t always have money. But you’re right, I think if you love a band, you support them. Which is why I’m wearing my “forever unbroken” tee right now ;]

RK: And that is much appreciated

NT: So anything you want to say to the readers before we come to a close with this interview? Maybe something pressing?

RK: Thank you for having me and thank you for everyone who took the time to read this! See you all on warped!Catch Fit For A King on Warped Tour this summer!