Interview – Silverstein: Guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau — His Insight And Humor On Warped Tour and Their New Album “Dead Reflection”

Silverstein have always managed to be completely comfortable in their own skin while never being afraid to grow, however, the evolution from Ontario basement shows to touring the world over and selling over a million records hasn’t always been easy. “Dead Reflection” finds Silverstein once again fueled by the darkest of times. I was given the opportunity to speak with Paul Marc Rousseau and see his thoughts and humor of the bands Warped Tour experience and about the incredible new album, “Dead Reflection” and here it is for all you Silverstein fans for you to enjoy his wittiness and humorous approach to my questions.
Toney (New Transcendence): Is there anything that we should be expecting from the new album as far as a new approach or fresh outlook?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): Well, if I told you what to expect I would be ruining the surprise. Listen to the record!
Toney (New Transcendence): “Ghost” and “Retrograde” are amazing track releases. Are there any other tracks that really stand out to you (the band)?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): I think “Lost Positives” was a band favourite but I feel the record is laced with rippers. Put that shit on and rock. Put it in shuffle and rock in a random order. World is your oyster, baby. Let’s do this.

Toney (New Transcendence):  Are there any bands at Warped Tour you are excited to see yourself that you are fans of?

Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): Beartooth. Always.

Toney (New Transcendence): How far in the past decades do you feel Silverstein has matured and developed?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): DECADES! PLURAL! YES! Hard to tell what the future holds, but I’d say we still haven’t reached peak maturity. Always learning, always growing. I’m always trying to do the best I can.
Toney (New Transcendence): Were there any defining elements in developing the concept for “Dead Reflection”?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): None at all! Super loose concept. Nah, of course there were. You know that feeling when you do a bunch of regrettable stuff, then look in the mirror and say “I don’t even know who you are anymore” and wash your face with cold water? That.
Toney (New Transcendence): Silverstein has been around for quite some time — What would you say is the key element on staying focused and staying progressive  above all else?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): I think you probably just answered your own question. You just gotta keep pushing forward.
Toney (New Transcendence): Where you aware that Silverstein meant “Spritually intense and can charm. The name brings money and love and new starts in life” — Do you think this is accurate?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): I think we’re a solid 2/5 on that.
Toney (New Transcendence): What would you say in your experience is your favorite thing about Warped Tour?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): The pals. I love walking to breakfast and running into great people every 20 feet. Especially Zolkron, my friend with 20 actual feet. He spends a lot on shoes but his balance is incredible.
Toney (New Transcendence): The track “Cut and Run” on your album “Dead Reflection” seems like your next single release –could this be possible?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): Not gonna rule it out, but I don’t make the rules. Double jeopardy.
Toney (New Transcendence): Any closing words that you would like to share with your fan base about your album or Warped Tour?
Paul Marc Rousseau( Silverstein): Thank you Toney, for being you. Listen to Dead Reflection, come to show, do what makes you happy. Be kind to others. Eat some lettuce. I don’t know.
“Dead Reflection” is an album that couldn’t exist without everything that’s come before it, a culmination not just of Silverstein’s sonic growth, but also the personal journeys entangled in the band’s career. Longevity was never the objective, but that drive to deliver their absolute best, no matter what the cost, is exactly why the band remains at the top of their game after almost two decades. For Silverstein there is no settling, no stopping, and they give nothing less than everything. So get out and check out Silverstein’s Tour Dates on Facebook here on their summer Warped Tour coming to a city near you! and pick up or download Silversteins new album “Dead Reflection” available now, get it here 
Official Single release video for “Mirror Box”