Interview — Skarlett Riot — Skarlett Talks About ‘Rebirth’ With Her New Label And Album, “Regenerate”

Skarlett Riot is an artist with a band that has been straying away from the everyday artists with the album, “Regenerate” this is not the case, the album is packed with some aggressive intensity.. I had a moment with Skarlett in her busy schedule to talk about a new look with more bold and edgy vocals that shows her arrival.



Toney Emmons (New Trancendence): How are your transitions with your new album, “Regenerate” going, starting out all new?

Skarlett: Great! We have a harder sound, darker image and a great team behind us. Our label and management work hard for us. The reaction from our new album has been nothing but positive and being able to intensely tour the new songs has been a dream come true. We’re the busiest we’ve ever been, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): How was it going straight into the new album — seemingly right after you signed with Despotz Records?

Skarlett: Great, it’s been so hectic and busy but all the feedback from the album and tours have been really positive. Despotz are great to work with and are helping us get our name out worldwide. Everything feels good right now! We toured Germany in December and we have a few European shows lined up this year. It’s nice to see us branching into new countries as well as touring the UK!

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence):  What was your fire behind, “Regenerate” — Was it named because everything is all new?

Skarlett: Regenerate was written as a fresh start for the band, a couple of years ago we had a rough patch and things weren’t going how we wanted. The message behind the album is that it’s never too late to start again, to start a new, change path or direction in life. You only live once, make it count, be happy. It’s never too late to rebuild things. Restore. Rebuild. Regenerate.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What’s was your most sentimental track you worked on for, “Regenerate”?

Skarlett: Affliction for me. The song is really meaningful and deep. The track is a rollercoaster of emotions one person alone may go through when suffering with mental health. This song was written to help raise awareness of the issue, to help people understand it more. I hope the track helps anyone suffering or anyone who has loved ones suffering

Toney Emmons (New Transcedence): The single, ” Break” is aggressive and edgy, is that how you visioned it to be, just a full out vocal onslaught down on the masses?

Skarlett: It’s definitely one of our heaviest tracks from the album, it just turned out this way without us thinking too much into it but it’s one of our favourite tracks to play live because of how fast paced it is! It’s nice to have a harder hitting song for people to bang their heads to!

Toney Emmons (New Transcedence)What was your favorite track that was the most memorable to record?

Skarlett: My favourite track is Warrior because it’s hard hitting, heavy and powerful. The lyrics are personal to me and the song has a positive energy which I hope listeners can relate to when they hear the track! Also,
I enjoyed recording my vocals to ‘Affliction’, the track has some electronic sounds recorded on it and the atmosphere and dynamics of the song really make it build up in the right places.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Do you have any plans after your new album and tour?

Skarlett: We head out on tour again in the UK in March, we have a few festivals lined up including Camden Rocks Festival, Kraken Festival (Belgium), Pile Up Festival(york). In between we will start writing again! It’s a very busy year for us!

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What would you want to leave with, or to say to your fans?

Skarlett: Thanks for sticking with us, we really appreciate your constant support and patience. If you have any more questions feel free to get in touch with us. See you on tour!

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Regenerate” is available now!