Interview: SkyDxddy Opens Up About Traumacore, Talks Traumacore Tour and Future Plans

Originally, this interview was scheduled to be face to face but Sky was on vocal rest after the Overland Park show and so we chose to have these questions submitted via email to be answered later. We thank her and her team for allowing us the opportunity and hope that it helps you to better understand what Sky and her music are all about.

: Joey Elifrits


How does it feel to have pushed your movement to this point?

Incredible and terrible all at the same time. On the one hand it’s painful to know just how many people are suffering in silence, but being able to bring them all together to feel heard and seen warms my heart.

What is “TraumaCore” and why is it so important?

Traumacore is music therapy. It’s a coping mechanism for anyone who’s dealt with immense trauma and struggles with their mental health. For those hurting so deeply inside that they need a cathartic release and find it within music that contains hard hitting lyrics that allow the listener to feel all of the emotions that come from the abuse and trauma that they’ve suffered. It’s a community of people who are understanding, empathetic, and considerate of one another. It’s one Big chosen family for those that have never had one to call home.

What has been your favorite memory on this tour and why?

Oh gosh, there’s so many. It would probably have to be when someone brought me a shirt that was signed by other fans, i wore it that night and there were so many people that i performed the whole night on a single chair haha i couldn’t move but it was so wholesome and fun!

What’s your favorite song to play on tour? Or the best crowd response?

Pretty Distraction, it’s so powerful and everyone sings every word so loud and with so much soul. It makes me feel amazing to witness that release from so many men and women of all ages. It reminds me exactly why this is so important.

Have you been playing any unreleased songs on this tour and do you have any plans for those?

Yes! Pinky Promise is about childhood trauma and for those who were taught to keep theirs a secret. It plays a pivotal part in the album and this tour because we have so many people showing up to these shows trying to heal their inner child so being able to capture that feeling of being a kid again and not being aloud to speak up was so important to me.

How have your experiences helped to motivate and rally others who have been in similar situations?

Alot. I’m a woman, so being catcalled, sexually harassed etc.. it’s something that i relate to a lot unfortunately. And I myself have been diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety, and depression so speaking on these topics is fairly easy to get my point across. I Think that when I talk about this stuff people know they are among friends that relate to their experiences and that helps them let their walls down a little bit.

Has your music helped to open up a dialog among survivors?

Oh my god yes. Every night I get so many letters from survivors finally feeling safe enough to open up about their trauma stories. We’ve even had people say that they’ve reported their attacks and taken their abusers to court after hearing my music. It’s about so much more than the pain they’ve endured, it’s about finding the power again and taking back control.

You brought out Demi the Daredevil on this tour. Can you explain how they fit into the theme of the tour and why you chose to have them open for you?

Aw yes, Jeff and John are incredible! They really understand what this movement represents. Jeff and I have spoken a lot about our shared traumas. And he himself lives with certain mental illnesses that I don’t, so having someone that speaks on subjects that I’m not informed about is so helpful. Demi the daredevils music is what traumacore is all about. We chose them because they lived it. I couldn’t imagine having taken anyone else on this journey.

What experiences have you learned on this tour/how will they help you moving forward?

There were a few nights that I blew out my voice and had to little mermaid it during my meet and greets, it’s been an adjustment not having my voice fall on deaf ears or be silenced. Learning the balance has been a very intense experience for sure. But leaning on my team has been an even bigger adjustment. Suddenly having a support system has been something ive had to get used to.

What’s next for SkyDxddy in terms of promotion, new music, new tours? What does 2024 hold for you?

So much! The first official “Traumacore” album will be released in May of next year. In correlation with Mental Health Awareness month, It’s going to have so many different topics that are beyond important to me. ie.. eating disorders, coercion, domestic violence , etc.. it’s going to be my most important year in terms of building the foundation of “Traumacore”. With so much more to come this movement is just getting started!


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