Exclusive Interview – Tommy Vext Talks Science and Politics In A Docile and Delusional Society, Topics Covered In His New Track, “Trust The Science”


Tommy Vext/ THE LONE WOLF have released a brand new single titled “Trust the Science” featuring Billboard topping Hip-Hop artist and TikTok star, Topher to all major platforms.

“‘Trust the Science’ is for all intensive purposes a protest anthem. It’s a reflection of the damage that happens when people follow blind leaders for solutions that end up causing more harm than good. The song is also a homage to hospital workers and first responders who were unconventionally fired from their jobs for not participating in a mass medical experiment. “We see you and we honor your integrity and sacrifice,” says Vext.

Tommy Vext is no stranger to controversy or being outspoken about his political views or thoughts on military and government issues, but can it be that the very views he expresses are the views he has the right to have regardless of what the other guy thinks, because that other guy who thinks Tommy’s views are wrong is a contradictory view in and of itself. We must recognize that just because we believe a viewpoint is “Bad” or “Good,” it does not make it so.

We all have the right to feel the way we do, and there is something about which we are all passionate and protective. Tommy’s opinions, on the other hand, are deemed to be controversial because they contradict established norms.

This is, contrary to popular perception, quite acceptable. Are we still surprised? Are we just going to be so blind as to believe that only our opinion matters in the larger scheme of things, and that anyone who disagrees with us is automatically wrong?

I had a few moments with Tommy Vext recently to talk about his track with Topher, “Trust The Science” and here’s what he had to say:

Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): Hi, Tommy! Thanks for your time with New Transcendence

Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): Hi! thanks for having me! Where are you located?
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): I’m in Corpus Christi, you’re originally from New York , right?
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): Right on, Yes, I’m actually in Austin visiting friends and visiting different gyms
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): Gotta keep up those muscles I get it brotha! I heard the song, it great. Do you have friends or family involved in the New York craziness?
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): I think everyone in general is over it, living in LA, I was getting “cancelled” for supporting Trump, and literally everything I said has happened. Most people don’t know what’s going, so it’s very easy to get everyone riled up and upset, and that’s what politicians have been doing, for awhile, moreso now.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): That opposition was put into the song? In a protest anthem to that? Correct?
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): Yeah, well, I mean I’m not anti-vax, I’m more anti censorship and anti not being able to ask questions. I think the song was born out of the absolute anger I felt on behalf of the first responders. I have friends who are EMT’s and Nurses, and Firemen, who were fired for not getting the jab. These are the same people who were out on the frontline and were referred to as heroes then 18 months later they were fired due to not following Vaccine Mandates. It just goes to show the Government doesn’t care about these people who fought out on the front lines in the beginning.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): I saw some of the filming of the, “Trust The Science” video due to my friendship with Dean, who is actually in the video, blindfolded and all that. So what was that like filming it, cause you’re like strapped to a hospital bed or something going on? Tell us about that
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): I was co-headlining with Struggle Jennings and Topher came up to sing the song for the first time in front of an audience, and the crowd went absolutely bananas! We played it that night and had a video shoot the next day, but I think the crew, band and the videographer on tour with me, Austin Swartzburg, he did the video for this and 3 of my upcoming videos, well, actually that’s four. But with the energy of when we got on set was like, “Let’s Go!” And we rented a place in Nashville, that was like a filming studio, they had all these different rooms, so basically we went in there and I had an idea. We kinda just put a story with the lyrics and stuff and it all just came together perfectly.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): Was it a one shot, or multiple takes?
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): We did, I think band did like 3-4 separate takes but we have like three cameras out on tour. Some did the bands performance about 4 times, and then the individuals about the same.  It just makes it go by faster. I usually tell directors, “You’re gonna get about 3 takes of this, so don’t fuck it up” and it’s not their fault, it’s the same as me being in the studio, and I realize they are just trying to get as much stuff as possible but I say, “We don’t need to do all that” (ha!)
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): I see you’re doing a free giveaway of a track soon, tell us about that
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): Oh yeah, well, everyone one the mailing list, it’s like a direct contact so I can send emails out and say, ” Hey, I’m doing a merch sale and it’s 50% off” that kind of thing and last year I did, for everyone on the mailing list , free meet and greet passes! Last year I was actually the first artist to go on tour in the world. So we toured Texas and did meet and greets with like 300-400 people, no big deal.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): The tours coming through this area, no meet and greets at all!
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): Well, it’s because the bands are terrified, they’re terrified.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): I never once got sick, I used public transit, and worked. Not once did I get sick.
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): That’s what I’m saying because the media has done it’s job and the politicians have done their job in terrifying everyone. Now that the mid term elections are coming up now COVID has miraculously disappeared and Putin’s a Nazi, and alot of other crazy nonsense and it’s once again one sided misinformation which is all we seem to get in this country most of the time.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): It’s all about fear mongering and control
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): I think the main issue is people were getting lied to. People woke up to the COVID thing, like when you walk into a restaurant that you have to wear a mask to sit down you’re fine, what’s that? Because most people can’t think for themselves and after while the absurdity and the ridiculousness of this game that they played with everyone which is psychological warfare, it’s literally like simon says to see who would be obedient. They used reverse morality to convince the population that being a coward was virtuous, and they punished people who stood up and called them out.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): Tommy I’ve appreciated your time to talk to us and listening to you, I respect your views and opinions like I would anyone else’s. Even though the media is controversial about the topics we spoke on, I appreciate you expressing yourself with us!
Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): I appreciate you giving me space to express these views and as we know I’m not a stranger to controversy, that’s for sure.
Toney Emmons: (New Transcendence): Would You mind doing a sign off for me?

Tommy Vext: (The Lone Wolf): This is Tommy Vext And You’re Reading New Transcendence!

Shortly after our interview Tommy posted this on his Instagram thanking all unbiased media outlets:

Tommy Vext goes on to continue the career he set out to accomplish, his work speaks for itself, just take a look and check out, “Trust The Science” below:
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