Interview with Vesta Collide: Press Here for YOUR Metal Core Delivery

Launched in 2014 Vesta Collide may seem new to some, but this metalcore entourage was signed to Stay Sick Records, put out their album New Obsession and just finished coming off tour with Alesana not a bad last few months!

Live you instantly are sucked in as lead vocalist Mark at times channels some early Gerard Way as the band’s core locks its radar on the path of Asking Alexandria this is a mix of some serious predecessors that Vesta Collide have taken and made predominantly their own. Each place the band played along the way witnessed an exponentially monstrous grouping of fans, and those who had not heard of them prior were screaming at the top of their lungs for more, more more! This is what Vesta Collide is and they are just getting started. 

Song River: How has your West Coast touring been so far?

Vesta Collide: It’s been a blast. Touring with a band like Alesana has been a dream come true and we’ve been having an awesome time.

SR: You all started out early February I believe.  How did the tour come about for Vesta Collide to join in?

Vesta Collide: One of the guys at our label got the connection for us to do the tour. 

SR: Your album, New Obsession, has created quite a stir among metal fans.  Would you be able to place it you feel in any particular subgenre of metal?

Vesta Collide: Most people tend to categorize us as metalcore.

SR: Steadily you have been building your fan base yet finding out information on the band and the band members isn’t an easy thing to do.  There are five of you- all from Michigan?  What were some of your early influences in music?  And why can’t we find a bio on you? Website coming?

Vesta Collide: All of us except our drummer, Max, are from Michigan. Max is from Pennsylvania. We are all influenced by many different bands, to name a few – My Chemical Romance, The Used, and Underoath, for example – however we don’t aim to sound like these bands. While these are some of our favorite artists, we have tried to construct our own sound. We hope to get a bio and website up soon!

SR: Back in 2014 you released a single, “Outreach”  many compared your sound to early Asking Alexandria.  That is a huge compliment, however Vesta Collide definitely has its own identity.  How easy is it to say, “This is us, this is our sound and there are no comparisons?”

Vesta Collide: Our first 3 singles (“Outreach,” “Moondancer,” “VII”) aren’t comparable to our new album in our opinion.

We feel like we have established a new sound with New Obsession that sets us apart.

SR: Having reviewed your new album, and watching your performance live there does seem to be a unique way of you all working together.  The word ‘tight’ is used often to describe a band that seems to flow- is this natural for all of you or did you have to rehearse the flow motion on stage and in studio?

Vesta Collide: Thanks! We all work very well together, the chemistry seems to be there for us. We are very comfortable playing together, and the energy on stage is natural.

SR: Finding two people to work together and keep it all in check is difficult enough, yet here you are a band of five members. Who is the driver behind the scenes?

Vesta Collide: While we all contribute a great amount individually and in our own ways, our bass player Alex is sort of the “dad” of the band. He handles a lot of the business aspects of the band.

SR:  You have signed on with Stay Sick Records. That had to blow your mind!  How did the signing come about?   What have been some of the largest perks to working with someone like Fronz who is the epitome of a business minded individual?

Vesta Collide: We recorded our first 3 singles (“Outreach,” “Moondancer,” “VII”) and a few labels contacted us after hearing the songs. Stay Sick seemed to be the best fit for us and they reached out to us via email. We were super excited with their offer and are very excited to be working with Fronz!

SR:  With the album spinning, and the this leg of the tour ending soon- where can fans of Vesta Collide hope to find you again real soon?

Vesta Collide: We hope to be on tour for the majority of 2017 so keep an eye on our social media for more tour announcements!

Band Members:

Mark – Vocals @markpfromm |
Jake – Guitar/Vocals @jacobmatzkows |
Kay – Guitar @AlexKuzmanovic |
Alex – Bass @Alexhoneycuttt |
Max – Drums @max_santoro |

Record Label:

Stay Sick Recordings

Debut album “NEW OBSESSION” available NOW via Stay Sick Records!