Interview: Whitney Peyton Talks “Break The Frame”


BearlySinister: You recently finished up a tour with Chris Fronzak, aka Fronzilla, how were you approached about joining the tour?

Whitney: We actually hit up Fronz on instagram when we saw he would be doing a rap tour! This is a very unorthodox way of going about it and generally would never work, but Fronz was so down and his agent reached out to us about adding me to the roster!

BearlySinister: How did the tour go and what was your favorite memory?

Whitney: The tour was awesome because Fronz usually attracts a more rock demorgraphic being that he’s from the band “Attila” so it was a whole new crowd for me. One of my favorite memories was meeting his pet cat he had on tour with him. His cat’s name is Carl and he’s a hairless sphinx and looks like an alien.

BearlySinister: You’ll be releasing your new album, “Break the Frame” on January 5th. Can you tell us where the title came from?

Whitney: “Break The Frame” means to step outside of the box. People are always trying to label you when you’re an artist…they always want to put you in one category or land and by breaking the frame you’re saying your style can’t be pin pointed or put in one box.

BearlySinister: How long did the album take to complete and who did you record with?

Whitney: The album only took a few months, but is releasing well over a year from my other full length album because I have been really busy touring and while touring it’s tough to record. Many producers were involved in the album, but my main producer/engineer was Ali “A MAC” McGuire from Philly.

BearlySinister: What was the hardest part of recording this album and what got you through it?

Whitney: As you become bigger and your fan base widens you always second-guess yourself. I ask myself questions like “will they like this?” etc. It’s hard sometimes to put those thoughts to the side and just make the music I want and focus on the message I want to put out. At the end of the day as long and my friends and I feel what I am doing that’s all that matters.. if the masses end up digging it too then that’s a bonus!

BearlySinister: You recently mentioned that there will be 2 collaborations on this album, which was quite a surprise as, in previous interviews, you’ve stated that there won’t be a whole lot of that on this album.. What brought about the decision to feature Jelly Roll and Matt Good on the album? Are there any more surprise collabs fans can look forward to?

Whitney:  There are 2 rap collaborations (3 if you count the bonus track on the physical copy of the record). There are featured artists, but mainly singers. Matt Good, of From First to Last, is one of the featured singing acts. I did this to switch things up. On a rap album many people expect to see a lot of other MCs. While I have some very famous artists I manly have unsung heroes that I felt deserved to be showcased for their undeniable skill.

BearlySinister: On the subject of collaborations: A lot of artists have featured you on their tracks in the past and you’ve had artists feature on your material as well. What has been your favorite collaboration so far and, if you would, tell us who would be your dream collaboration?

Whitney:  I have no real favorites because they are all totally different and mean so much to me! Fans tend to always say they really like “Wasted pt 2” which is TWIZTID’s song featuring myself, Da Mafia 6ix, R.A. The Rugged Man, Kung Fu Vampire, and Chris Webby.

BearlySInister: As an independent rapper, it’s important to keep things interesting for fans but also to keep it real. Where is the lyrical inspiration for Break The Frame drawn from?

Whitney: I draw everything from my real life experiences. I’d like to think I am a “Girl next door” type of rapper that a lot of people can relate to.

BearlySinister: On the subject of being independent: What do you feel are the pros of remaining independent, versus being on a record label? If you were to sign to a label, who would you hope might pick you up?

Whitney: I have had a couple label offers. Many people think artists are only independent because they haven’t been offered a record deal and that’s not always the case. The deals I’ve been offered just haven’t suited me yet. It’s like a have to be very sure before you just jump in. A pro to being independent is having full control over everything, a con is not having the same budget as a big machine.

BearlySinister: You announced that “It’s All Good” will be the first single released, via a music video, from the album. What sets this particular track up to be used for that purpose?

Whitney:  In the past I’ve released singles that are a little more aggressive or dark and “It’s All Good” is very laid back and positive. I wanted to remind people that even though I am not “PG” I still have a positive message!

BearlySinister: What inspired you to want to get into the rap game? If you weren’t rapping, what would you hope to do?

Whitney: I was always really into poetry. I started out doing spoken word and it slowly transformed into rapping on instrumentals. If I didn’t rap I would probably be into film or acting. I was very into theatre in middle school and high school.

BearlySinister: Which track on your new album are you most excited for fans to hear and why?

Whitney: I’m pretty excited for fans to hear my collaboration with Misfits. Those guys are legends and I’m so lucky to have them on my record. Every track contributes to the overall story the album tells though so they are all important!

BearlySinister: On the same token, are there any tracks that you’re nervous for people to hear?

Whitney:  I’m nervous for people to hear the whole thing. As an artist there’s an internal struggle hoping that people like what you release. I love the project so regardless it will mean a lot to me when it drops.

BearlySinister: What would fans be most surprised to see if they turned on a playlist you have? Any guilty pleasures?

Whitney:  I’ve been listening to the newest Justin Bieber record. I’ve never listened to any of his full releases before, but fellow musicians were telling me how good this project was so I gave it a chance. Good music is good music.. and he did a great job on this one!

BearlySinister: I’m sure you, like everyone else, has felt the pain of failure or disappointment. What keeps you going when you feel like hanging this up?

Whitney:  When I have fans message me telling me to never quit and that my music has inspired them in some way. That’s really fulfilling.

BearlySinister: I’m sure there are artists, regardless of genre, that are constantly exceeding your expectations. Who is on your radar, locally, that you think people should check out?

Whitney:  There’s this guy Bingx from Seattle I recently came across on YouTube. He sings and raps and I think he’s super dope!

BearlySinister: What’s next for you, in terms of planned singles or tours?

Whitney: I will be recording a few new music videos, but I also have a tour in January 2016 to support my new record “Break The Frame”. The Dates are on

BearlySinister: That’s all I have, unfortunately. Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this with us. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers, your fans and the general public before we wrap this up?

Whitney:  Thank you to all the underdogs who have supported me and been on this journey with me thus far. Let’s Break The Frame in 2016!

Be sure to pick up Whitney’s new album, Break the Frame, on January 5th! Pre-Order link, “Break the Frame” tour dates (click to expand) and official music video for “It’s All Good” can all be viewed below!

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