Iron Rule Tackles The Emotions of Substance Abuse In New Song – “Vultures” Out Now Via Chugcore

Substance abuse hits anyone involved hard. Watching your loved one whither away is pretty hard. Anyone who knows this feeling even in the slightest can relate to the new song from Hardcore outfit Iron Rule. “Vultures” is a hard hitting track tackling the harsh inner pain of drug abuse and what that path could lead to. The California residents released their new video and track through the powerhouse Chugcore on July 26th! Iron Rule have also released their new EP, “Cold and Cruel” through all digital outlets. Forming in 2018 Iron Rule has taken time and preparation when composing their music. The debut 4 track EP introduces us to the very core of Iron Rule. The blissful taste leaves us wanting more. The outfit provides tasteful riffs, keeping things fresh between their EP. We linked “Vultures” and more below for you to indulge into!

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