Jake and Lindy of Gabriel and the Apocalypse Give A Little Insight Into Their Remixes.

Karl Styler: Why did you all choose this particular EP to remix? 

Jake LaCore:  We’ve always wanted to do a remix project but just never really felt like we had the time or resources to it.  But it just felt right with the timing and we had a few friends who wanted in on it so it made sense.  

KS: How has it been on its release being that the music is only about a year old? 

JL:  I think it’s been exciting to material being released now when there is no touring happening.  It gives our fans something to chew on while we work on new material in hopes that touring is safe enough in the near future.

KS: Who all did you work with on the Remixes? 

JL:  Rick “Stitch” Thomas of Mushroomhead/Ventana did “Systematic Chaos”, Sin from Ministry did “Beds Are Burning”, John Wheeler producer on Alpha Bionic did “Electro-Mechanical”, T I M Ξ L I N Ξ S & YOGOD did “pointTHREE” and we did the acoustic version of “Bleed Me An Ocean”.

KS: Have you found you are liking the remixes more than the originals?  

JL:  I still love the originals but It’s really cool to hear different versions of the songs.  

Lindy Gabriel: I’m emotionally invested with the originals. Because of the process of building those songs and hearing them come to life. I love the remixes and it’s great to hear another take on it. I just wasn’t involved with the remixes so I don’t have a personal connection to them.

KS: As 2020 winds itself down, reflecting back over your music career this year what are some of the most valued moments you found?  

JL:  I think just being on tour in general.  Out playing shows making new friends and sharing our music with people.

KS: Did this year allow for some time to write new material, if so, we can GATA fans expect new music?  

JL:  We were on tour in the beginning of the year and then the pandemic hit and brought everything to a halt.  We all took some time off for a while but are now working on some things in the studio.  Most likely you can expect new music from GATA next year.

KS: You have toured with Lords of Acid and other bands in the realm of similarity to yourselves. Do you keep in contact with the previous bands you’ve shared the road with? 

 JL:  Definitely, we have stayed in touch with our tour friends and have even discussed future tours.  Of course, everything will have to wait a little longer.

KS: When touring opens itself back up any band, in particular, you would like to go on the road with?  

JL: Maybe bands like 3Teeth or Combichrist.  A good club tour to get us back out there again.

KS: I recall reading Lindy has a couple of dogs? Pets are an important part of our families, how has having your dogs helped you through these recent times? What, if you could Lindy, would you like to see happen to maybe help folks who are maybe jobless during this period of time to assist them with taking care of their pets?  

Lindy Gabriel: They have helped me so much actually. I haven’t left my house much since March and just having them with me has been comforting. I’m really liking being a stay at home dog Mom lol. Lately, I’ve been helping people find a new home for their dogs and also donating to rescue groups.  It just kills me to see people having to give up their pets due to these circumstances. 

KS: Final year-end message GATA would like to send their fans?  

JL:  Thank you for your continued support and keep following for the latest from the band http://gabrielandtheapocalypse.com/