JASON NEIL (ARCANIUM) Set to Redefine Modern Metal with New Project, MIND INCISION!

Debut EP, The First Cut, Out 2023!

Denver, CO based metal musician and front-man JASON NEIL, formerly of Arcanium, has brought together a new cast of some of the most creative characters with his newest heavy rock band, MIND INCISION! Formed in September 2022, MIND INCISION also includes lead guitarist JON MAGGARD, bassist AEON CRUZ (MOTOGRATER), rhythm guitarist KYLE LOUCKS, and drummer KELLY MORSE, making them a “super group” of some of the best independent metal talent!

I did some really sweet tours with Arcanium over the 5 or 6 years we toured. Bullet For My ValentineButcher BabiesIll NinoOtep, and Machine Head were amongst some of the funnest.

What’s cool is the very first tour I scored as the vocalist of Arcanium, was with Megadeth. I grew up listening to Megadeth and was completely floored that Dave Mustaine had hand picked us for their tour.

The difference between Mind Incision and Arcanium for me is that the band writes music that is diverse. There is slow melodic tones and riffs, and also chunky driving powerhouse riffs. So the album came out great!

We’re currently seeking tours and have a couple offers on the table, as well as generated some industry professional interest since coming back to the scene with Mind Incision. I think this band is going to take off. We’re not here to fuck around and party. We are here to get out there and do some incredible things with the music we are creating for some good causes as well as for the fans, and if you liked I first 3 singles, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

“‘Zero230’ is inspired by soldiers who are suffering from PTSD or anyone that knows someone who is or has suffered in the past. In this song we talk about how a soldier wakes up in the middle of the night from dreams that take him back to the war and how it affects his/her everyday life. With no actual way to get rid of it. If you know someone that is suffering from PTSD please get them the help they need by sharing these links and phone numbers below.” – MIND INCISION

Wounded Warrior Project
VA Government Health USA
PTSD Foundation of America – 1-877-717-7873

Purchase / Stream “Zero230” Online!

Jason Neil – Lead Vocals
Jon Maggard – Lead Guitar
Kyle Loucks – rhythm Guitar
Aeon Cruz – Bass
Kelly Morse – Drums

Formed in December of 2022, Mind Incision was born of five Denver musicians featuring well known local and national Artists such as Arcanium and Motograter, to Cevrance and Mother of Exile. While encompassing several styles of metal, Mind Incision creates a unique and power driven sound, coupled with vocals that compliment the driving music well, and can be heard and understood through screaming and singing parts throughout. The group has signed with Music Gallery International’s management Shawn Barusch and are seeking touring opportunities NOW! With the release of their E.P. The First Cut, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Denver’s own Dave Otero at Flatline Audio, Mind Incision prepares to finish the record with Dave after their breakout tour in 2023.

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