Former King Conquer Members Form New Project

Let’s say you enjoyed the latest King Conquer album, 1776, along with their previous full length America’s Most Haunted. Chances are, you did, because both are masterpieces in their own right. If you enjoyed those and want to hear more from the mastermind who brought it hot and heavy on both of them, then look no further than the latest project kickstarted by previous King Conquer member Jonathan Byrd. Byrd, alongside previous members—bassist and vocalist respectively—of the renowned deathcore act are teamed up and ready to get to work once more. Currently recording their debut release, the project has a preproduction track which, even without vocals, is groundbreaking to say the least. Mind-numbing technicality a la Within the Ruins with the same penchant for the chug-laden heavy one would expect from the groups’ constituents, this breakout project is sure to take the world of heavy music by storm. Check out the video below and keep your eyes peeled!

By: Connor Welsh