I Am King signs to LifeOver Records, new album “Make Believe” in the works.

The kings of the throne are wanting it back, and they mean business. I Am King has teased and teased something big is coming. The group has announced they’ve signed with LifeOver Records. That’s not all either! They’re currently tracking their sophomore release with their new label, which has been announced to be named Make Believe. The group has released their single Rolling Stone in late March of this year, which is what we can assume is only the tip of the iceberg to what’s to come.The group started in 2010, six years into their career releasing their self-titled EP in 2012. The group signed to Rise Records and released their debut album Onehundred in 2013. After departing from Rise, the group released Solidarity in March of 2015. The horizons are widening for I Am King. Check out their latest single Rolling Stone below.

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On top of all this I Am King has wrapped up their acoustic EP and released the track-list.

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