LA Alt Rockers We’re No Gentlemen Capture Their Demons with “Night”

La Alt Rockers We’re No Gentlemen Capture Their Demons with “Night”

Depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of isolation or being alone… these are all things that seem to make them present, when you’re least interested in visiting them. For example, you’ll lay down to go to bed and your thoughts begin racing. This is proven to be the time where you’re most vulnerable, in terms of your thoughts, but no one really understands why. Regardless of the reasoning, though, it becomes a futile effort to try to escape them. For LA Alt Rockers, We’re No Gentlemen, and their newest music video for “Night,” visually capturing the members individual demons was paramount to bringing this Henry Arres-directed piece of art to life. One of the things you’ll notice is most prevalent in the performance shots of the band is that, despite being an alt rock band, there isn’t a ton of energy. I speculate that this is to further show the effects of the demons that they’re battling. It shows how taxing, how impactful something like loss, depression or the like can be, further elevating the emotional intensity of the track, and thus, the video. The track is taken from the band’s debut, self-titled EP, which can be purchased at the links below. Check out the video below and let us know what you think! Most importantly, if you enjoy what you see, be sure to give the video (or this article) a share and get out to a show if they hit your area!

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We’re No Gentlemen are:

Vocals – Amanda Gabel
Guitarist – Dan Schiz
Guitarist – Rikki Juarez
Drummer – Vince Gudino
Bassist – Daniele Boneddu