SINGLE: Traitor Among Thieves – Grim Masterpiece [2012]











Artist: Traitor Among Thieves

Single: Grim Masterpiece

Rating: 5/5


It’s dangerous business–not walking out your front door–but rather, checking out a fresh new band releasing a debut single. Who’s to know what to expect–especially coming from a band advertising themselves as deathcore/death metal? Will it sound polished and mastered, or like it was recorded in a forest or underwater (or both)? Will it be shreddy, technical nonsense, or groovy and heavy? In the case of Traitor Among Thieves, their debut single “Grim Masterpiece” is a stunningly produced and beautifully written combination of technical, lacerating death metal and heavy, groove-laden metalcore. With a technical, blast-beat-packed intro which dives brilliantly into a chuggy, sludgy breakdown before leveling out into a groovy, catchy outro, “Grim Masterpiece” is an enormously promising starting point for a new deathcore band who are eager to demonstrate they have what it takes to become a heavyweight.

For Fans Of: Bermuda, Sworn In, Martyr Defiled, Beneath the Massacre

By: Connor Welsh/Eccentricism