Leo’s End Year Review [2013]

Another year has almost passed, you know what that means don’t you? Lists! Awww yeah, fuck a white Christmas, fuck Santa and his shitty presents, all I need in these dark winter days are all the epic releases that have violated my eardrums throughout the year…and make lists and compilations about them (and maybe some greasy food, alcohol and fireworks)! 2013 has been a truly great year for metal, yeah I know I said that last year and probably the year before that, so that can only mean things are still headed in the right direction. Whether you’re into family friendly pop punk, filthy death metal or blackened symphonic technical deathcore, this year had something for everyone. For me the genre that absolutely DOMINATES above all others in 2013 is the beatdown/down tempo hardcore genre; something I thought would die a slow death after bands such as Demolisher and Feign ignited that style some years back. I was amazed to see that Black Tongue, Overthrower, Damager, Liberator and Tormentor Absolute reignited the genre and caused an inferno of down-tempo hate that has never been stronger! The previously deceased Demolisher also made a comeback to get in on the action. Reason enough for me to dust off my subwoofer and get some gruesome slamming breakdowns pumping through my veins, because I will never get fucking tired of that shit..ever! You might even say I’m addicted to it. Even the all-destroying Submissioner decided that 2013 would be the year to finally unleash the full extent of their wrath upon the world, as did Sworn In and the equally unforgiving newcomer Gift Giver. 2013 kept me entertained with an almost constant stream of insane brutality and astonishing talent, spreaded over several genres (unlike last year where all the best releases came in the last months). I’m sure all the music I acquired isn’t even half of what is out there lurking in the depths, maybe 20% or so? With having a full-time job that demands 12 hours of every weekday and an undying love for gaming you can only find and hear so much. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you, hopefully you will find some hidden gems you didn’t know about yet in the list below. I feel like 2014 will get even sicker, hopefully with more down-tempo but also some more mathcore and technical death metal would be nice. For now you can look back at some of the sickest, heaviest, filthiest metal releases of 2013!

And now for the annual public service announcement for all you haters: if you don’t agree with any of this feel free to go back to your shallow hipster bullshit, no one is forcing you to read or like any of this. I can’t listen to your whiny elitist opinionated fecal matter over the sound of awesome fucking music blasting out my speakers!

34: AcraniusWhen Mutation Becomes Homicidal



Normally I’m not a fan of any genre that has the word ‘brutal’ in it because in metal that means there are either excessive pig squeals or lame gurgling throat noises to be found in the music, not to mention the dreaded ”pots and pans” sound, not my definition of ”brutal’ at all’. A damn shame since I do love myself some sweet ass slamming instrumentals, with that said I consider the animalistic German band Acranius an exception to this rule because they did it right. ”When Mutation Becomes Homicidal” is exacly that; a mutated and highly aggressive form of the traditional slamming brutal death metal style; joined with some deathcore and even some hardcore strains to create an addictive effort that just begs to be heard. Once in a while you just need to break the cycle and listen to something that is truly heavy and punishing, Acranius would be the perfect choice for that occasion, even if it does need some time to grow on you.

Also check out: Ingested – Revered By No One, Feared By All, Anal Phobia – Unarm, Osiah – Reborn Through Hate, Disfiguring the Goddess – Deprive/Black Earth Child

33: Feto in Fetus – Condemned to the Torture


Genre: Grindcore


No-bullshit grindcore in all its blissful glory! This album has it all: a ridiculously/pointlessly long tracklist with songs that don’t even reach the 1 minute mark, constant blast beat/guitar bombardments and a set of various malevolent vocal styles that add to the atmosphere. This album does exacly what a good grindcore release should do: motivate you to bash your head into a brick wall to the point that nothing but a puddle of blood and crushed bones remain.

32: Dissimulator – Factions


Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore


Though I feel like a fucking hypocrite every single time, I can’t resist listening to a handful of solid Christian metal releases. The most filthiest/hardest hitting release of the bunch is without a doubt ”Factions” by Dissimulator (sorry Impending Doom fans :P), it’s pretty much a non-stop flood of deathcore slaughter with little to none preachy bullshit added to it (other Christian bands should take note here). A hard-hitting album that is a cannibalistic feast for the ears.

Also check out: Those Who Fear – Unholy Anger, Leaders – Indomitable, Creations – Unworthy/Humility, This Divided World – The Missing Pages

31: Tomb of DoomBone Thieves


Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore

Like many other similar releases this year (which are all solid as fuck) Tomb of Doom uses a arsenal of various influences to treat your ears to angry and gritty music. Everything this album does, it does with intend to kill. Jamming ”Bone Thieves” will make bitches wetter than a flood, fuck Justin Bieber; you want pussy you pump this shit as loud as you can!

Also check out: Genocide District – Revolutions, I Am – Global Control, Hail to the King – Dynasties, 2X4 – Dark Hand, Dispossession – Self Titled, My Home, The Catacombs – Internal Aggression

30: Science of Sleep – Exhaust


Genre: Deathcore


One of the better deathcore releases this year has to offer, even when compared to the bands that heavily influenced it, ”Exhaust” has all of the good stuff and none of the bad. With this 2013 release Science of Sleep compares itself with genre veterans such as King Conquer, Molotov Solution and Signal the Firing Squad(R.I.P), and that’s pretty goddamn impressive. A perfect example of an anti-boredom album, just jam this bitch and watch furniture (and various other things) fly in all directions!

Also check out: Lorna Shore – Maleficium, Eat a Helicopter – Evolution of Violence, Beneath the Wake – Synthetic Creation, Emerald Vale – Malevolent, Dealey Plaza – The Masonic Diaries, King Conquer – 1776

29: Seeker – Unloved


Genre: Metal/Hardcore


Listening to ”Unloved” will transform even the biggest happy-go-lucky optimist into a bitter, nihilistic pessimist. The icey cold vocals/lyrics cut through flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter. The gritty instrumentals are so demoralizing that you get the feeling of drowning in a bottomless ocean with a mountain chained around your neck; just the way I fucking like it!

28: A Thousand Years of Plagues – DÆmon


Genre: Blackened Technical Deathcore/Evil


Look at the genre, that’s all you would need to know! Well almost everything, check up on my review here for a more detailed explanation.

27: Boreworm – Black Path


Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Sludge


With only 4 tracks this might not seem like it’s worth your time right? What if I told you that most of the band members were in a little band called The Yellow Sign, would that change your opinion? It should; fans of TYS know that these gentlemen produce monumental heavy music, the type that seems to be crushing everything around you when you open your speakers. In Black Path this is no different, imagine how those crushing breakdowns would sound in combination with a sludgy death metal sound and you have ”Black Path”: a mind-blowingly heavy atmosphere with unforgiving vocals and haunting guitar tones.

Also check out: Sidious – Ascension to the Throne Ov Self, Out of Yesteryear – Mass

26: Genocide of PrescriptionGenesis


Genre: Technical Deathcore

”Genesis” is by far the biggest display of machine gunning shreddage and unwordly blast beats since quite a while. Who else but a bunch of crazy ass Russians could be responsible for this technical massacre? I’m so glad Genocide of Prescription improved so much over the old material (which I don’t like at all) by changing a few necessary things with this new album. When I want my brain to melt and my ears to burn ”Genesis” is the album that comes to mind. I’ll be sure to keep an eye for future releases by this band, as should you (check my review here)!

25: Beacons – Endless


Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore


Another 4 track EP (deal with it (⌐■_■) ), not just any EP though, the best damn metalcore you heard in YEARS. This album is the definite proof that metalcore still has hope, no mediocre cleans or monotone melodics that are mindlessly spammed all over the place, instead you can expect addictive guitar slams and concrete vocals, the kind that will never bore you. Maybe that’s the reason why Beacons chose the name ”Endless” for this must-hear album?

Also check out: I Am Intention – Uninvited, Reflections – Exi(s)t, Every Passing Dream – Misguided

24: EnfieldArcadia:Exile


Genre: Progressive Deathcore

Very tasty progressive deathcore with an interesting concept, like it should be. Each song has an earth-shattering feel to it and some very sick vocals to compliment the impressive instrumental assaults, also they come from Australia. Need more reasons to check this EP out? Read all about it here.

Also check out: Shadow of the Colossus – End Game, Sensory Amusia – Disrepair

23: XehanortAwaken in a Different Dimension


Genre: Progressive Deathcore

When it comes to listening to a crushing progressive deathcore album from beginning to end, this one takes the cake, or better yet; THE WHOLE FUCKING BAKERY, and it’s all done by a man named John Galloway. Once you start listening to this you won’t be able to stop, if you hear the immensely crushing-yet progressive onslaught butchering your ears you’ll soon know why. ”Awaken in a Different Dimension” is the most impressive one man project I heard in…ever. The track titles are all references to movies, games and animes; the funny thing about that is that all those names actually fit into the story (yes this album has a fucking story, hear the last track). Need an epic full length album that blows you away? Look no further. Hopefully we will be hearing more of the massive potential Xehanort has created with this release in the new year.

* Best One Man Band/Album

22: Sever the KingTraitor


Genre: Deathcore

Do you love lots of bass drops and chuggy breakdowns in your music? Then”Traitor” is for you! That is if you got a good set of speakers and a subwoofer, otherwise don’t bother because this album NEEDS to be played LOUD. The vocal styles and creepy/distorted atmospheres create the perfect setting for conducting the massive amounts of heavy into a towering spike of brutality. Being the breakdown whore that I am I often turn to this album when I’m in dire need of an (un)healthy dose of chugging goodness. Click here for the review.

21: Legion – Woke


Genre: Hardcore/Death Metal


This album sounds like something that The Acacia Strain COULD have sounded like, however they don’t and Legion had to show them how it’s done, with a filthy production and a pure-fucking-evil sounding atmosphere ”woke” unleashes the serial killer in all of us. With huge improvements over both EP’s Legion has created a full length worthy of being heard, again and again. Read this also.

Also check out: Take Charge! – The Eradication of Revelation, The Acacia Strain – Above/Below, Idols – Choose Hate

20: Accursed Kingdom – Decades of Hate


Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore


”Oh no! Not another album that has an outstandingly crushing atmosphere! Man I hate those soooo much because albums like this are so angry and stuff, why can’t everyone just make peaceful music about love and other generic bullshit?” -Because fuck you that’s why! Go listen to the fucking radio you pussy, if you want REAL music you check out this flesh-melting album instead, it has a song about masturbation on it, because that’s fucking metal as fuck! But seriously; very sick album with tons of that heavy/angry goodness I know you love, many people probably missed out on this one, go correct that mistake right now, you won’t regret it. Read up on the details here.

* Most Underrated Album

Also check out: WolveXhys – Servants of Penance, I Exalt – Vessel, Grimus – Omnicide

19: Humanity’s Last BreathSelf Titled


Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Heavy/Dark

The debut full length these Swedish gentlemen created is undoubtedly one of the heaviest efforts to ever grace your ears, high volume required. The dark atmosphere, the soul-destroying vocals and the catastrophically low tuned instrumentals make short work of your sanity. This would’ve been good music to headbang to if the pressuring atmosphere wouldn’t leave you completely petrified from the sheer devastation pouring out your speakers.

Also check out: Altered Perceptions – Void, Lifeforms – Multidimensional

18: Silence the Messenger – Achilles


Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore


Been a while since I heard anything from this band, luckily when this album hit they came back stronger than ever. It has all the elements that you liked and everything has improved upon that; angry, hateful and screeching raw music is here to greet you from beginning to end, if you were to look for the definition ”Solid Fucking Death Metal” in the dictionary you would find a picture of this album next to it… well not really but it should be!

17: ImmoralistWidow


Genre: Hardcore/Deathcore

”Widow” is another perfect example of an anti-boredom album. The mixture of beatdown grooves and raw hardcore sounds pumping through your speakers do a nice job of getting you off your lazy ass and motivate you to start tearing shit to pieces. There are probably a million other bands having this exact sound but somehow Immoralist adds that bit of extra slamming flavor to their music that keeps me coming back to this one, not the most progressive release of 2013 but it is among those with the most replay value for sure.

Also check out: Liberator – Burdens, Manipulator – Self Titled/Prelude, Pledgethis! – Que Sera Sera

16: Wolcott Falls – Life is a Death Sentence


Genre: Mathcore


If you know the 2012 album ”Pessimist” from mathcore band Wolcott Falls you already know that all their songs focus on ungodly low guitar tones, face-rending dissonance and insanely demoralizing atmospheres. The fun doesn’t stop there, add a healthy mix between anger and depression to that formula and you’re all set to be sucked straight into the depths of Hell itself. The 2013 EP ”Life is a Death Sentence” elevates all these elements to an impressive higher level, with a significantly faster tempo and sharper production this EP can measure itself with genre heavyweights such as Ion Dissonance. When I’m thinking about good mathcore releases from this year I don’t have to think very long, this shit is so negative that even Satan himself is afraid to touch it. Go hear it, now! Be sure to check the review while you’re at it.

* Most underrated EP

Also check out: Hybrid – Angst

15: FrontiererThe Collapse


Genre: Mathcore

If you’re like me and still can’t get over the fact that mathcore behemoths The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza called it quits after releasing one hell of an album last year, you should definitely check out Frontierer; a band that only has two members it seems. With Pedram Valiani (Sectioned) doing the instruments/production and Chad Kapper (A Dark Orbit/When Knives Go Skyward) doing the vocals ”The Collapse” succesfully blends those relentless dissonant assaults and inhuman bass drops from Danza with brain-exploding bombardments of crusty chaos. Everything on this EP sounds about as forgiving as having your anus pulled out through your nose, if you like your mathcore spazzy and chaotic you can’t afford to miss out on ”The Collapse”! While this band is just a side project at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised that it takes over as the main attraction sometime in the near future, either way I’m hoping there is still more ear-rupturing goodness to come from this deadly alliance.

14: Fall In Archaea – Aura Magenta


Genre: Mathcore/Hardcore/Technical/Progressive


Yes that’s right; MOAR MATHCORE GOODNESS! To make a long story short; if you don’t like this album or didn’t hear it yet, YOU ARE DOING IT FUCKING WRONG! Like the previous entry this one also has lots of Danza influences that should easily satisfy all your fanboy cravings. ”Aura Magenta” has plenty of other, original elements that add to this amazing last-minute album and make the complete package something unique and brutal at the same time. This album is just one day old and I’m happy to say it was still able to squeeze its way to such a high place in this list, I was ALMOST afraid that bands like this were slowly becoming extinct.

13: NailsAbandon All Life


Genre: Grindcore/Hardcore/Crust/Punk

Without question the most punishing album on the list, and that’s really saying something. ”Abandon All Life” is that kind of album that people always warn you about not to listen to while driving, because blasting this shit will result in massive amounts of road rage and regrettable speeding tickets (or worse). If you can somehow manage to survive the insane amount of blistering instrumental and vocal rage being thrown at you in one listen (that only lasts for 17 minutes) you will feel like you have been in a massive fight for days, barely coming out alive and scarred by deep cuts and scratches. Definitely one of the most intense albums of 2013, and one of the most unforgiving. Read all about it here.

12: Breakdown of SanityPerception


Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore/Metal

With waiting for a good two years the much anticipated release of Breakdown of Sanity’s third full length album had me worried about one thing; will they once again do the impossible and improve on a sound that was already pretty much perfect? The answer to that question was yes luckily, even though the band didn’t reinvent their entire sound this time around, they just fixed the few minor things that still needed some tuning. The result of all that tuning is ”Perception”; an album that seemingly hits all the right notes. It’s hard to explain but whenever I listen to this album I feel like everything is exacly where it needs to be; the flawless production, the melodics, the addictive guitar shreddage and the heavy grooving made the last two years worth the wait. Can Breakdown of Sanity get away with perfecting an already perfect sound for a third time? I guess we will find out in another three years or so.

11: Fit For An AutopsyHellbound

Genre: Death Metal/Hardcore/Deathcore


Do I really need to explain myself on this one? It’s the long awaited new album from Fit For An Autopsy! If that name doesn’t ring any bells you should feel ashamed, very ashamed. Now go fucking hear it before Nate Johnson rapes you in your sleep! Read this if you need more convincing.

Also check out: Impending Doom – Death Will Reign, The Day is Ours – Set in Stone, Oceano – Incisions

10: Black TongueFalsifier


Genre: Down-Tempo/Hardcore/Beatdown/Groove

Gritty as fuck heavy hardcore! Imagine sludgy, demoralizing hardcore like Subtract with down-tempo beatdown and you have yourself one filthy ass sound. That filthy-as-fuck sound bears the appropriate name Black Tongue, and it does not fuck around. With some of the members of Infant Annihilator amongst their ranks these gentlemen managed to make an EP that is the musical equivalent of being grinded to bits in an oversized meat grinder (feet first of course). Much hate and maliciousness present here, this is the album responsible for bringing down-tempo/heavy hardcore bands back on the grid. one of the best EP’s 2013 has to offer- MUST LISTEN. Read my review here.

*Best Newcomer

Also check out: Overthrower – Our Cruel World, Damager – Abomination, Defier – F.T.G

9: Tormentor Absolute – Lesser Morals


Genre: Easy Listening/Pop/Upbeat/Happy


Are you one of those persons that possesses extreme (unhealthy) amounts of optimism? Can you keep a happy face while being subjected to heavy, demoralizing music such as Seeker, Wolcott Falls and even Black Tongue? Good for you, don’t celebrate too soon however, because ”Lesser Morals” will erase that grin from your face and bring you to your fucking knees, then shatter them along with all the other bones in your body. When Subtract disbanded earlier this year after releasing the delicious single ”Peace Through Vengeance” some may have thought it was the end, that the band didn’t have any negativity and anger left to give, WRONG! Instead of that a new spawn that bears the name Tormentor Absolute was born. Hiding in the darkest depths it waited, brooding the most purest forms of hate imaginable. When ”Lesser Morals” was finally ready the band released it within the same week, because fuck waiting three months and creating ”hype”, music this nasty needs to be unleashed upon the world as soon as fucking possible! It goes without saying that sludgy instrumentals, haunting atmospheres and a crusty down-tempo fusion go well together in order to achieve the most crushing music, Tormentor Absolute unleashed all these elements at their highest possible potential, creating a sound that turns your body to stone while shattering your soul into pieces. No everlasting paradise with rainbow shitting unicorns for you, only eternal darkness. The only thing keeping you company in this black void is the thing that brought you there; ”Lesser Morals”, so at least that’s a positive thing.

8: TowersInto the Void


Genre: Hardcore/Death Metal

With an absolute overkill of new bands with debut EP’s that all have the same sound you can only listen to so many before you heard it all, if you like hardcore/death metal you know what I’m getting at: you have to choose the few fresh apples in a pit filled with rotten ones. It’s easy to mistake the ”Into the Void” EP as yet another one of those dime-a-dozen releases, you may not even know this release altogether or you just discarded it. Ironically enough, that’s the biggest mistake you could’ve made this year. It’s like playing arcade mode in Mortal Kombat, you climb the ladder to the top, when you reach that top you think you know it all, you think you are prepared for what’s to come next: only to be utterly obliterated by Shao Kahn’s sledgehammer, in this case that sledgehammer would be ”Into the Void” and its wielder would be Towers. Upon listening to ”Into the Void” the listener will soon swallow his words and discover a brilliantly executed mix of ambient guitars, pulverizing vocals, smooth grooves and raw breakdowns that swept even me off my feet. The only thing better than an awesome hyped album is an unexpected release that exceeds all the expectations you could ever hope to have.

7: The Last Ten Seconds of Life – Invivo [Exvivo]


Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore


I first learned of this band when I was a mod at Deathcore is Sexy, back then they were a new band that desperately wanted their music out there. With only a few releases after that they reached the very top of the metal scene, particularly with this latest album. ”Invivo [Exvivo]” removes all boundaries and delivers something so unique and phenomenal that I can’t even find words for it. If you focus on the guitar riffing alone you will soon find yourself blown away by the slammiest (is that even a word?) grooves! Combined with the unique vocal approach and addictive song progressions this is a hard-hitting release that forces its way to the top of your playlists, this album is like non other and should be heard by everyone and their goddamn grandmother.

* Biggest Improvement Compared to Previous Releases

6: Fate Worse Than Death – The Worst Things In Life Come Free To Us




Another fine example of mindless anger done right. This album has an insane amount of hatred and an equally insane runtime. There are plenty of angry albums to choose from in 2013, but none of those are OVER-ONE-FUCKING-HOUR-OF-UNHEALTHY-PSYCHOPATHIC-RAGE angry. It’s pissed, it’s lenghty, it has a fuckton of chugging breakdowns (in case you haven’t noticed I fucking looooove those) and it has a twisted lyrical concept at that. If you want an immersive album with lots of spacey shit, look elsewhere because this is nothing but raw hatred. When life sucks and gives you lemons, throw them the fuck away, jam this album instead. kill all the motherfuckers that make your life miserable and have a bloody good time doing it! check out more details here.

* Sickest Lyrics/Concept
* Angriest Album

5: Ovid’s WitheringScryers of the Ibis


Genre: Theatrical Technical Death Metal

Every good year needs to have at least one of these; a full length album that can’t be measured by the current genre standards. Something far more than just copy/pasting a bunch of pre-existing syles together, a timeless masterpiece that takes you on an epic journey. When listening to ”Scryers of the Ibis” you won’t find yourself playing air guitar or headbanging, you would be too busy being overwhelmed by the flawless musicianship sinking into your being. Listening to it further will put you in a dream state, because you refuse to believe such a perfect album can exist. I didn’t know of this band prior to this release but after all the good things being said about it, I’m glad I checked it out. Even if you disagree with every other album I posted on this list; this one is different, it begs to be heard by any fan of good music, whether you like majestic melodics, hard-hitting shreddage or anything in between.

* Longest Runtime
* Best Atmosphere

Also check out: Ænimus – Transcend Reality, Delusions of Grandeur – Efficacy,  Fleshgod Apocalypse – Labyrinth

4: Sworn InThe Death Card


Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Long time fans of the hard-hitting band Sworn In know that emotion, anger and raging instrumentals are a common combination in all of their music, however the question everyone was asking is that this emotion and heaviness will remain consistent and meaningful in a full length release. Personally I was not a long time fan of this band, I noticed that many people did like them but for some reason I didn’t give their last year’s EP ”Start/End” a proper listen until earlier this year, at that point I could see why so many people loved them. When I first heard ”The Death Card” in its entirety I was completely blown-the-fuck away by the level progression and improvement over the old material (haters gonna hate). All of the songs are flooded with emotion. The atmosphere is a wave of fast and pissed music with lyrical concepts about real-life topics coated in a wall of negativity so thick that you can reach out and touch it. ”The Death Card” gets under your skin and chokes the listener until the last bit of breath is squeezed out. With all this suffocating atmosphere there is still plenty of bass dropping and addictive guitar smashing for you to bang your head to. The songs ”Hypocrisy”, ”Snake Eyes”, ”Deadpan”, ”Three Cheers” and ”Death” will cause your blood pressure to reach meltdown status. Not even the clean singing that can be heard on ”Mindless”is enough for me to lose focus on this intense album. Every song is good on its own, but in my opinion ”The Death Card” should be heard from beginning to end, only then will the concept, the emotion and the tireless energy this album possesses truly shine in all of its dark glory.

Also check out: Villains – 10 Code, Left Behind – Death, Take Me

3: Prime MeridianDialogues


Genre: Metal/Hardcore/Progressive/Groove/HEAVY

Well this fucking band came out of nowhere and kicked me in the fucking nuts! Like a bunch of other releases this very unexpected late December release (from a band I didn’t even knew) completely fucked up my well-organized list, even blasting ”The Death Card” back one spot. I didn’t think it was possible but in my opinion ”Dialogues” easily surpasses the majority of all 2013 releases, so yeah you could say I’m very impressed with this one. This album is very good at playing Russian Roulette with your senses. At one point you are enjoying some smooth djenty progression and without warning the tempo switches up to a distorted/groovy metalcore style (somewhat similar to Beacons). While those elements are all pushed to the extreme, neither of those are the deadly bullet just waiting to drill its way through your brain. The heavy hitter comes when Prime Meridian decides to get..heavy! The bass that can be heard on this album is beyond nasty, especially during the bulldozing chugging parts. All of those things are (of course) enhanced by some fast and fierce vocal styles that can only be called perfect. The musical landscape ”Dialogues” creates is an impressive one, a landscape worthy to hear for yourself, even if it is constantly bombarded by a hail of flesh-tearing bullets.

2: Gift GiverDaddy Issues


Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Whenever I listen to this album I’m thinking back at the release date, which was on Valentine’s Day: the most useless day of the year! On this day you are expected to suddenly give a shit about some person while there are 364 other days to do that, if anything that day only exists so that commercial companies can squeeze your wallet for meaningless gifts and cards. The ONLY useful gift I ever had on this day was the ”Daddy Issues” EP from Gift Giver. This EP is LOADED with all those good things that the metal universe has to give me; pissed-as-fuck vocals/lyrics, thundering drums, grooving guitars and lots and lots of replayability. The simple but angry lyrics get stuck in your head and that is what elevates Gift Giver above all the rest, that logic might sound retarded but relatable topics about real life things always get me way more pumped and pissed than something that isn’t real. Whenever I think about the angriest albums of 2013 this album and the Fate Worse Than Death one always come to mind. If I was forced to choose I would pick ”Daddy Issues” because it does a better job at cheering me up whenever I feel like shit and need some blind anger to brighten my day. After hearing it so many times ”Daddy Issues” is still the best choice if I need to be somewhere in a hurry. This EP finally dethroned my previous ”get pumped with anger fast” album of choice (which was”The Science of Exploitation” by Doomsday Mourning) and thus has gotten more plays than any other album on this list. Also be sure to read this. The review is dated now and would probably have gotten a 11/10 from me at this time, this shit really grew on me.

* Angriest EP
* Most Plays
* EP of the Year


You didn’t scroll down super fast just to see this did you? Because Santa (better known as Satan) is watching and he doesn’t like naughty kids!


1: Submissioner – In Retrospect



Genre: Beatdown/Down-Tempo/Groove/Hardcore

I’ve been in love with this band ever since they released ”Recession” and ”Positively Negative” back in 2011. I have jammed all their singles more times than I care to admit. The reason for that is simple; Submissioner uses a lethal combination of crushing down-tempo, atmosphere and groove you wish would never stop, it grabs you and refuses to let go. I was amazed to learn that with this LONG OVERDUE full length album Submissioner STILL is the number one choice if you want that kind of heavy music that makes you shit your pants, not a bad place to be in a time where down-tempo based releases are getting increasingly popular and heavier, even when combined with other styles. Like Sever the King and Humanity’s Last Breath, ”In Retrospect” DEMANDS a good sound system, which you will undoubtedly destroy (along with your ears) because you had the volume up too high. Before you go deaf and are left with a bunch of blown speakers you will at least know how TRUE heavy music sounds like. Not one other album on this list forced my undivided attention and left me in complete awe every time I listened to it, I’m not sure if I’m simply blown away by this brilliantly crafted monument to crushing music, or if the album itself just paralyzes me to the point that I’m unable to shut it off. When played at high volume, there are times you feel like a gun fired off or that someone is violating you with a cattle prod. With three years in the making ”In Retrospect” finally emerged from the shadows to take its rightful place as the absolute best that down-tempo/beatdown hardcore has to offer. If you’re looking to get into this kind of music you can’t go wrong with this being your first choice.

* Heaviest Album
* Best Subwoofer Food
* Album of the Year

Have a happy new year! I shall spend these last few days of 2013 getting drunk and looking back at all these awesome releases, see you cunts next year!