Level Up Your Metal Playlist With Level 80

I must say – this newer breed of bands have been quite pleasing to discover. One of the bands that caught and kept my attention from their first song has been Level 80. Residing in Armenia, Yerevan they’ve been climbing the Deathcore ladder since late 2017, the band currently has one extended play (EP) under their belt. The first EP which was named, Age of Miseries, released in December of 2018. The debut is a 5 track album with multiple guest features. I really like the Myspace Era feel this band gave with the record. I don’t just mean that in just terms of old production either. It’s well written and well recorded. The vocalist’s range is absolutely menacing. First time listening you really don’t know what to expect. That’s the charm of it though. The instrumentals are just as parallel in mystique as the vocals. While there are NASTY breakdowns on this – it’s clear they never had to resort to insert a breakdown and call it a day. They put a lot of effort in these tracks. Very technically written Deathcore. My favorite track has to be Hopeless Creature featuring Colton from Forces! The EP will run you about 20 minutes. Leaving you wanting more to be fair. I had the honor to get word from Ruslan, their vocalist. I was blessed with previews of the new music and to be honest I’m quite excited for these guys. I enjoyed Age of Miseries quite a lot and I think they’ve set themselves up for a good progressive route with their music. Being a gamer I had to ask what inspired the name. The answer I was given was pleasing, World of Warcraft! Level 80 is gearing for their new release later this year! You will definitely be seeing a review from us on the new album as well!

Age of Miseries gets the NT approval!

Check out the full EP below: