Linkin Park Release Another Unheard-of Track, Following, “Lost” and, “Fighting Myself” In Light Of Meteora 20 Release

Linkin Park has hit the airways once again with an anniversary album on the horizon due out April 4th, which will be Meteora-era oriented, and the tracks keep coming. Here’s a small break down this far!

Healing Foot” is the “third” song from the Meteora recording sessions, it was officially released on the 20th Anniversary Edition of Meteora. The song was released on March 25th, 2023 as an exclusive for the Linkin Park Hunt in the Marbleverse after all Marbles had been collected.

|Meteora Fact|

Linkin Park’s ground-breaking second album, was released in March 2003 and included the global hit singles “Somewhere I Belong”, “Faint”, “Numb”, “Breaking the Habit” and “From the Inside.”

You can listen to, “Healing Foot” here:


Lost” by Linkin Park is a powerful and emotionally charged song that showcases the band’s ability to blend rock and electronic music in a unique and distinctive way. The song features haunting vocals from late lead singer Chester Bennington, who delivers a heartfelt performance that captures the pain and confusion of feeling lost and alone.

The music itself is a driving force, with a strong beat and heavy guitar riffs that build in intensity as the song progresses. The electronic elements add an extra layer of depth to the music, creating a sense of unease and tension that perfectly captures the song’s theme.

We’d been writing Meteora and we had 40 demos or something, and you narrow down: ‘These ones don’t have any vocals yet. They’re not gonna be contenders. Get rid of them. These ones have vocals. They’re close. Keep working on them. These ones are keepers.’ Eventually, you get to the point where it’s like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna make an album of about 12 songs out of these.’ I remember that we did get to the point where we almost put “Lost” on Meteora. We realized that tonally, it was the same kind of emotion and energy as ’Numb,’ and ’Numb’ was arguably a better song. We liked it better at the time. So we were like, ‘Well, we can’t have two Numbs.’

Mike Shinoda, Linkin ParkThe Fader

Lyrically, “Lost” is a poignant reflection on the struggles of life, and the feeling of being adrift and disconnected from the world. The chorus, with its repeated refrain of “Can I get a little bit of hope?” is particularly powerful, offering a glimmer of light in the darkness.

|Meteora Fact|

It has sold over 8 million copies in the US and has been certified multi-platinum, platinum, or gold in 15 countries.

Overall, “Lost” is a standout track from Linkin Park and is a testament to the band’s ability to create music that is both powerful and deeply emotional. Fans of the band and the genre will not be disappointed by this powerful and moving song.

Lost” can be heard here:


Fighting Myself

“Fighting Myself” is a powerful track from the iconic rock band Linkin Park. The song features the signature elements that have made the band so popular, including intense guitar riffs, a driving beat, and the emotional and raw vocals of the late Chester Bennington. The lyrics deal with the internal struggle of battling one’s own demons and the difficulty of breaking free from negative thoughts and behaviors. The chorus is particularly impactful, with Bennington’s voice soaring over the instrumentation as he sings about the fight within himself. The song builds to a cathartic climax, with the band’s musicianship and Bennington’s vocals perfectly capturing the intensity of the emotional battle.

|Meteora Fact|

The album was named after the Meteora rock formation in Greece. After seeing these monasteries on a trip to Europe, the band was inspired by the way they were built, almost defying gravity

Overall, “Fighting Myself” is a standout track from Linkin Park‘s impressive discography. It showcases the band’s ability to craft powerful and poignant music that resonates with listeners on a deep level. The song’s message of perseverance and the struggle to overcome one’s own internal struggles is one that many can relate to, making it a timeless addition to the band’s legacy.

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