Litterbox Massacre release their crushing new song

The all feline inspired slamming deathcore band Litterbox Massacre has unleashed their newest song “Cry of Invocation” and it packs the punch of a ten-thousand paws. Litterbox Massacre has recently announced they’ve signed with Realityfade Records. Their upcoming album “The Nine Paws of Hell” is set to release later this year. Litterbox Massacre has been producing cat inspired deathcore since 2019, quickly building momentum and a solid fanbase to help them achieve a spot at Realityfade Records. Litterbox Massacre is a duo cooperation between Alex Sevigny and Alex Ives. The two have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Their music is down in house, and between the two. Litterbox Massacre has been one of my favorite deathcore bands since I’ve first heard them, and to see them achieve and thrive makes me happy! Get your cat filled deathcore with Litterbox Massacre!