Litterbox Massacre is the Slamming Catcore Band We Didn’t Know We Needed – Release New Song – “The Rise of Lucifur”

Litterbox Massacre is a two man creation writing lyrics about the adorable creatures we call cats! Their new song “The Rise of Lucifur” is out now via Slam Worldwide! The band brands themselves as Slamming Catcore. The release of the new song also revealed the song is the title track for the full length album set to release in 2020. Litterbox Massacre previously released an EP titled “Welcome To The Scratching Post“. Introducing themselves as relentlessly heavy cat lovers. Becoming an ravaging force within their music and quickly on the move as their first EP was released in April, 2019! We had the honor to get an interview with the two brains behind Litterbox Massacre, Alex Ives and Alex Sevigny!

What brought on Litterbox Massacre?

Alex Ives – To be completely honest with yourselves, it was done solely for fun… myself & Sevigny both work within Artificial Pathogen & respectively other projects too. I wanted to do something different, no seriousness too it but a way to still enjoy doing something I’m & I’m sure we would both admit, we are passionate about.

Litterbox Massacre isn’t just an escape though, behind the funny lyrics and quirky samples we are also doing this because we are both animal lovers and happen to own cats, being able to make a difference and help these animal shelters and cat protection groups by donating some of our proceeds makes this feel so much more worth while and we cant thank our fans enough for being apart of this journey 

Explain to us what your lyrical content is like?

Alex Ives – Each track, is actually an adaptation of my cats day to day life, just super exaggerated ahaha , I like the idea of pretending to know what my cat is thinking when they do crazy things or are on catnip, or even how they feel around other cats, more so at the vets. It’s one thing to say my cat did this, but our writing is more first person… as if we are the cat in the story. That is one angry moggy!!

Who did the album artwork?

Alex Sevigny – The logo and artwork was done by our friend Dekan Art.  He also did the art for our previous EP “Welcome to the Scratching Post” and we’re super happy with how both have turned out!

Walk us through the recording process?

   Alex Sevigny – For the average Litterbox Massacre song, it usually stars with me jamming some ideas until I’ve got a cohesive vibe and song structure which I’ll then send to Ives who then recorded vocals himself and sends them back to me for the full mix and master. 

How did the idea for the band originally come to be?

Alex Ives – I cant say there was much planning for Litterbox Massacre, I remember just sitting in my room and this idea sprung into my head, I got in touch with Sevigny, like dude I’ve got this wild idea about a cat themed band… I asked him if he was down & here we are ahaha honestly we didn’t expect to be still about after we dropped “Welcome To The Scratching Post” but I guess CAT KIND SHALL REIGN FOREVER 

Who’s apart of the band?

    Alex Sevigny – Litterbox Massacre, at present, is just Alex Ives performing Vocal duties and social media management and Alex Sevigny handling all the instrumentation, production, mixing and mastering. 

Walk us through how the album will sound?

    Alex Sevigny – It’s gonna be a banger full of some super heavy stuff and will definitely top the sound of our previous release. 

How did the band members meet?

  Alex Sevigny – The two of us originally met through some collaborative work with the bands “Eyes of the Fallen” and “Sorrowspell” way back in like 2014 and have been friends ever since. 

Anything else you want to tell NT? 

We can’t thank you enough for having us today and appreciate the chance to discuss Litterbox Massacre in a lil more detail, we hope to drop another single before the years out and we really hope you guys enjoy our latest single “The Rise Of Lucifur” 

We are excited to hear the new album! We linked below their new song “The Rise of Lucifur”!

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