Local Band Spotlight – Voodoo Dolls

    Back again with yet another article with a focus on the local scene of Oklahoma. This time, the target is Voodoo Dolls, a industrial metal band hailing from Oklahoma City, OK. This group has been around for quite some time and has quickly worked its way up the scene. They went from playing small time shows at The Music Room to now playing at The Diamond Ballroom, Farmer’s Market, and 89th Collective(previously The Conservatory). All of these are considered big around the OKC area. They currently are a six piece band consisting of Damian Flynn on vocals, Crystal Ornelas on synth, Michael Drywater on lead guitar, Robert Schrader on rhythm guitar, Tyler Willard on bass, and Dylan Peoples on Drums. Together, Voodoo Dolls create a very dark and rather ambient sound mixed with your good old fashion metal roots. Influences can be found coming from artists like Manson, as well as Three Days Grace. All in all, Voodoo Dolls offers an experience in music you do not want to miss out on! Below is an interview that was held with New Transcendence.

Here is the interview, questions and answers:

Voodoo Dolls Pre-interview disclaimer: All of the answers come from The Marked Ones
No member specifically


NT: How did you form as a group?

Voodoo Dolls: We formed initially in 2013, but have recently been reborn as a completely different animal. We have, as of December of 2016, our first official lineup that has felt whole and dedicated to what we want as a band, and the message we want to push.


NT: What were and continue to be your goals as a band?

Voodoo Dolls: Our goals as a band have always and will always be to push who we are as people and artist. We want to be people that would make our 16 year old selves proud. We want to be the biggest entertainment group possible, through visual art, music, performance, any media possible.


NT: What inspired the music you are making?

Voodoo Dolls: The biggest inspiration we all share that made us want to do music, was finding a sense of belonging in the community. We all come from similar backgrounds, where as children we were the outcast, who everyone picked on. We were called freaks because of what we wore, our ideas, who we looked up to, etc. music helped join us and connect us to like minded individuals that we never could without.
We want to be the refuge that anyone who’s ever felt broken or beaten can turn to. We want to help shine the light in the dark and show people there is always someone there.
The main thing that inspired the album we are currently finishing, was telling a story that people like us could relate to and feel empowered by. The fans, anyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t matter, anyone who’s ever felt less than perfect, THEY are the biggest inspiration we have. If we can make them feel something by coming to a show, playing a song, etc, than we’ve done our job .

NT: Any projects in the works? Shows, Music, Etc.

Voodoo Dolls: We are currently wrapping up a Concept record titled,”The Marked Ones”. It’s a very dark, cinematic heavy hitting record. Influences sound wise run anywhere from, Johnny Cash to Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin to Marilyn Manson, just way too many to even list. The story is a tale of a fall into the darkness which leads our character down a path of redemption and self realization in a very unforgiving world.
We are currently booking a summer tour to accompany the release of the album. The first date is March 23rd with Escape the Fate in OKC @ the 89th Street Collective.
We are releasing our first single from the album at the end of this interview! It’s titled,”Fairytale”.
We are in the early stages of a potential graphic novel to accompany the album.


NT: Lastly, how do you plan to continue to move onward as a band?

Voodoo Dolls: We plan to become the biggest band possible. We are ever evolving our stage show, our music, and ourselves as people. Our fans are the strongest most devoted people we’ve ever met and with them we will conquer the world.

Voodoo Dolls has a vast amount of potential and continue to grow as a band! As mentioned in the interview, Voodoo Dolls has an album release coming this year, as well a special treat for you readers! Their single “Fairytale” is ready for you to hear exclusively on New Transcendence, and, from already hearing it, it’s a great track! Check that out below as well as their recent photo shoot with Twisted Medium Photography and some links to find more about the Voodoo Dolls! Support your local scene!