London Kyle Re-Examines Spirituality with Debut EP, ZERO

Artist: London Kyle
Album: ZERO – EP

You may know Justin Kyle as the final vocalist for Cali post-hardcore mainstays, Jamie’s Elsewhere, but get ready for an entirely new side of his talent. Under the moniker, London Kyle, Kyle has chosen to dig deeper than he ever has before in order to give you an incredibly emotional, spiritual and dark look into his life. A product of years of struggle, 11 with the music industry and 5 with the release, being thrown headfirst into rock bottom and cast aside for refusing to conform to what the industry expects of him, depression, anxiety and, eventually, PTSD, ZERO is a work of art that is not for the faint of heart.

If you’re expecting to hear heavy, hook-laden choruses on this EP, well… You’re going to be disappointed. Instead, London explores a different channel for his vocal abilities. Taking influence from some of the best R&B artists of today such as The Weeknd, XXXtentacion and more, this is a much more soulful and “chilled out” experience than his past endeavors. Within the lyrics of ZERO, we’re let deep into the artists struggled and how he overcame them. He explains that he lost himself and, by extension, his relationship with God, causing him to go down a very deep, dark path that he never thought he would emerge from.

The music on this album is incredibly catchy but the lyrics are also super relatable. Rather than hold back, he’s chosen to do what he always does: wear his heart on his sleeve, for the world to see. You’ll hear tales of heartbreak, his constant struggles with the industry’s image of him, lust, temptation and indulgence.

Though the themes are dark, they are presented in a way so as to force the listener to realize that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Through a healthy relationship with yourself and the Father above, you can overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. Most importantly, it reminds you to never lose sight of who you are or let others dictate your life for you. Do yourselves a favor and buy this EP, turn the lights off and turn it up real loud. Experience the power and the passion that Kyle has put into his music and know that this is only the beginning! ZERO is out, independently tomorrow, so be sure to pick it up!

“ZERO” (Official Teaser)

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