Long-Term Effects of Addiction, Domestic Abuse and Abandonment: RVNT Release Eye-Opening Video for “Home”

Revenant – a person who has returned from death. Since their inception in the Spring of 2014, VA’s RVNT have proven themselves more than worthy of that name. They’re constantly overcoming any obstacles thrown their way, managing to stay relevant in a world where the slightest bit of sensationalism can send society into a frenzy. They’ve seen their fair share of touring and continue to keep their fans happy by releasing, not only great music, but incredible visual elements to keep mouths abuzz. With their debut EP, Vulnerable, they showed their penchant for heavy music with meaning, combining catchy hooks and gnarly breakdowns to create something more than just a “mosh-worthy” listen. Since the release, they’ve expanded upon that to dive into even tougher subjects and today, we’re proud to bring you the release of their new video for “Home.” Viewer discretion is advised, as this song tackles issues of addiction, domestic abuse and abandonment. The video was designed to take you into the darker side of these issues and force those who take the time to listen, to understand that they’re not alone. Below is a statement from vocalist Ricky Gillis: 

“‘Home’ is about the lasting effects that addiction, domestic violence, and abandonment have on a child who has to live in those kinds of situations. The world is selfish, and most people only think about themselves or how they’re feeling. Too many times kids are forgotten, and it takes a toll on their emotional and mental states. Growing up like that fucked me up bad. When I was young, I couldn’t find a way to make it motivate me – it took me until I was much older. Some people don’t ever find their way in a situation like that, and the cycle continues. This song, ‘Home’ is to bring awareness, and remind everyone that kids are the future, and change starts at home with them.”

The band will finish out the year with one final tour with NY-based Jynx (11/9-11/18) and then preparations will commence for them to charge into 2019 with even more releases. Stay tuned for more info, as we get it. For now, check out the video below and purchase/stream the track on digital retailers if you like what you hear! 

“Home” (Official Music Video)

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