Massachusetts’s SunSinger Brings Powerful Choruses With Angelic Verses

Forming in 2017 in Massachusetts we present the 5-piece outfit Sunsinger! The Experimental Progressive Metal group has released 3 songs, 2 of them being this year. “Crystal” was released in 2018, while “The Ember’s Ashes” and “Call of the Goddess” was both released in 2019 and will be apart of the upcoming EP. “Call of the Goddess” is the band’s newest track and personally my favorite so far. After jamming all 3 beautiful tracks I’ve determined Sunsinger brings powerful, unique choruses with angelic verses accompanied by haunting, yet catchy songwriting and melodic riffs. The vocalization of the band is both clean and screams. Showing powerful drive within their music and their live performances. I’m super excited to see where their first record goes and where they go from here. Sunsinger is currently working on an EP slated for a fall 2019 release!

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FFO: Eyes Set To Kill, Flyleaf, Stitched Up Heart.


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