Review: The Material – Everything I Want to Say

The Material - Album Art - Everything I Want To Say


Artist: The Material
Album: Everything I Want to Say
Rating: 9.5/10

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The Material, from San Diego, CA are a band who should not need an introduction at this point. Touring with the likes of There For Tomorrow, The Secret Handshake, Every Avenue, and appearing on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour, they’ve been making a name for themselves from the beginning. The band consists of Colleen D’Agostino on vocals, Jon Moreaux and Roi Elam on guitar and backing vocals, Kevin Pintado on drums/percussion and Jordan Meckley on bass. My first exposure to the band was 2010’s “What We Are” which was a breathtaking, impressive album with quite a bit of staying power. After not hearing much from the band for awhile, I saw them turn back up and got extremely excited. Next thing I knew, the band announced that they were releasing their new album “Everything I Want to Say” on April 9th, 2013. Now let me say this, I was a little worried about this album being too similar to the last, but the band really nailed it with this one! Melodic and beautiful, Angsty and powerful and enough of a pop feel to keep it as something you can dance to as well. It is my distinct honor and pleasure to bring you my review of their 2nd full-length studio album, “Everything I Want to Say”

Life Vest: The lead single from the album and still one of my favorite tracks on the album. Life Vest is a track about weathering everything in life through a relationship. Having the one you love being there for you through thick and thin. “They can’t destroy us, two bodies with one beating heart. So hold me close my dearest one, I fear the worst is yet to come.” This line and the chorus define what the idea of the song is. This track is incredibly relatable lyrically and is for all of those who are going through something. Hold onto the one you love or the ones you love and don’t let go.

Born to Make a Sound: This track is a little heavier than the last, as you can really feel Jon, Roi’s riffs as well as Jordan’s groovy bass lines. Colleen’s vocals are a bit more powerful in this track to go along with the theme of the track. It’s a song about pushing forward even when life is throwing things at you left and right. Standing up, standing out and making a sound in the silence. Showing the world what you’ve got and taking the bull by the horns.

Tonight I’m Letting Go: This is a track about letting go of all the things holding you back. In this example, it’s talking about a person who held her back. “You held me down, no room to grow. Just so you know, tonight I’m letting go!” This track has a powerful meaning and I’m almost positive, a just-as-powerful back story to it. This track is about as heavy as the last, but the guitars and drums really shine through on this one.

The Great Unknown: A really beautiful, piano-driven track. Colleen’s vocals are at their most melodic on this track, even though it’s just an interlude. I don’t think the album would be complete without this track in it.

Chances: Starting off really slow, yet bouncy and erupting into a pop-rock anthem, “Chances” is probably going to be a fan-favorite. The title of this track says it all, it’s about taking chances, breaking rules and living life to the fullest. In the end, it will all be worth it. The lyrics in this track are incredibly relatable and are what will make this a crowd favorite. This is the band’s anthem for our generation, telling us to take chances and live with no regret. In the end, all of what we do was planned out anyway, so why not have fun along the way?

Final Thoughts:

What can I say about this album that hasn’t already been said? To some, it may come off as bland and uninteresting. But for the many who will take the time to sit down to listen and absorb it, you will notice that it is far much more than that. This album is incredible, I definitely was proud to be able to get a chance to review it. Colleen’s vocals are outstanding. Jon and Roi’s guitar parts are out of this world, Jordan’s bass lines are groovy and smooth and Kevin’s drums are wicked. I am proud of the band for this album and I am proud, as a reviewer, of being able to cover it. I definitely recommend going to pick up a copy of “Everything I Want to Say” and finding out for yourself what an amazing ride it is!