Meet West Coast’s New Heavyweights, Decayer.

Arizona is known for their brutal hot deserts. However, that’s not all Arizona is known for. 2016 was met with the inception of Decayer. Originating in Tucson, Arizona this Deathcore outfit blends elements from Beatdown and Slamming Deathcore with just the right amount of OOF. Signed to We Are Triumphant, the Arizona growing giants are preparing to release their first debut album, “End Note”, on May 24th! Our very own Connor Welsh will be reviewing the album. The band has had two prior releases which includes 2018’s “The Agony Cycle”, and 2017’s self titled. Both were extended play. Decayer has released two songs to show off their sound for the new record. Both have been extremely pleasing to the ear drums. Their latest single, “Finding Purpose” was truly something unique in our scene. The heavy hitters seem to have found the perfect formula to blend gritty, beautiful clean vocals into their already exhilarated crushing energy. See for yourself below. Their first single from the new record, “End Note”, hit home with a lot of people -Including myself. It touched the topic of suicide and what is left behind when you take that choice. The newest single, “Finding Purpose”, gives hope to shallow eyes as the story of self redemption is told. You can jam both songs below!

You can say we’re really excited to hear what Decayer is brewing in their Arizona Tea.

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Finding Purpose: 

End Note: