Members of Design The Skyline Form Heavy New Project, Decidia! Releases Crushing Debut Track!

Formed in 2018 – hailing from Los Angeles, California brings forth another promising new heavy hitting group. Composing of members of Design The Skyline and a former member of We Are The End, Decidia has debuted their first track titled, ‘Voices’! Featuring a well fitted guest spot from Tyler Dennen of Sworn In! The newcomers strive off the dark, energy driven, heavy music – blending them with their own cynical sound. ‘Voices’ is a promising entry for Decidia. Releasing exclusively through Chugcore and combining favored elements from both Metalcore and Downtempo realms. The band has made it clear Design The Skyline is by no means over or anything. They are simply preparing. Quickly falling in love with Decidia’s mean guitar tone, devastating vocal patterns, and heart pounding percussion I made contact and discovered the band is cooking up an EP to be released here in the foreseeable future! They gave me a sneak peek of the next single to release, and man, I bet The Rock can even smell what these guys are cooking.

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