How Memes Have Given Musicians A New Form of Advertising – Speaking with Matt & Bob of Deathcore Dad Memes / Deathcore Snobs

The internet is a vast warzone for peoples attention, that’s just a given with all the ads, product placements, and promotion we see everyday. This stays true within the music community. You ever seen those videos with a metal song placed over a pretty humorous yet fitting video? Well believe it or not those videos have made some musicians rather popular (Don’t worry if you’re not sure what we mean we linked some from Deathcore Dad Memes, Deathcore Snobs, & Worldwide Metal). Industry professionals stumble upon these videos just as everyone else does. Giving that band a slight moment of their attention. These videos have the potential to spread like an wild fire when put out on the right platform. It’s becoming more common for bands to request some of these meme pages to create video for them for the sole purpose of getting their music to a new ear in the most engaging and attentive way. Meme’s have only been utilized in music promotion since 2010 and onward, getting more cleaver as time goes. Not only does this apply to video memes but even images as well! We had the honor to talk with Matt Mabie & Bob Williams of Deathcore Dad Memes! Matt also handles Deathcore Snobs – to discuss how it all started! Both pages are massively known for multiple viral memes and videos in all realms of the metal genre. Deathcore Dad Memes is currently at 268k Facebook likes. Deathcore Snobs is currently at 111k Facebook likes. Matt has been responsible for a lot of the original content that makes the waves.

My interview with Matt Mabie of Deathcore Dad Memes & Deathcore Snobs:

What started the Deathcore Dad / Deathcore Snob pages?

Matt: Back in 2016 – 2017, I was an admin for a Deathcore meme Facebook page and group. After doing that for a while, I built a rapport with some of the group members and seeing as how I was an older guy with kids and helping look over the group, I was given the nickname “Deathcore Dad”. Not too long after that, with some urging by friends in the group who thought my content was good enough to start a new Deathcore /Metal related meme page, so myself along with my friend Bob Williams, started Deathcore Dad Memes.

As far as Deathcore Snobs is concerned, I had a Facebook friend of mine, Josh Tracy, who had a metal meme page that he had lost interest in having, so he decided gave it to me. At first  I wasn’t really sure what to do with it but around that time, I noticed a lot of people in metal groups I was in, had taken an interest in creating meme content, so it was then I decided to invite some of them to the be admins on the page and give them a place to create and post their own Metal related meme content. And it’s been awesome, they’re all super creative people

Did you expect to get the attention you have?

Matt: Pssh, no. We just thought it’d be fun to try and make funny/relatable content for other Metalheads to laugh at and be able to identify with. Then not too long after we got going, I made the “Marge Grin” video, that I almost didn’t post because I thought it was dumb. After I posted it, the video started taking off and a couple days later hit the million view mark, such which was insane, and then randomly, a couple months later Metal Injection shared the video and that’s all what initially really helped get the page out there. We’re just appreciative and so thankful that people enjoy the content we post and for everything else that has happened since. From the great people we have been fortunate enough to meet, to getting shout outs and having our content shared by bands and personalities in the metal community that we enjoy and respect, it’s crazy. When stuff like that happens, it still boggles my mind and I’m sure it always will.

You do realize you guys and your pages are a huge promotion point in the scene. A lot of people discover music through the memes, how does that make you feel?

Matt: That’s awesome! We’re always stoked that people are able to find new bands through our page. There are so many amazing, hardworking, underground bands out there, grinding away, that deserve the attention and if we can help them get some more attention then we’re all for it.

What is one of the things you enjoy about making memes?

Matt: Making people smile, laugh and look at a meme and think, “I know exactly how this feels!” and that they truly relate to the topics and ideas in the memes. That’s a cool feeling. I just try to make content that, as a Metalhead, I find enjoyable and hopefully others do too. To anyone who follows/likes Deathcore Dad memes, we really appreciate you, thank you so much!

Matt: Who’s all apart of your team?

Well, Myself and Bob run and manage the page and our two very talented and creative admins are Jose Salazar and Paige Opel. Deathcore Dad memes would not be where it is if those two didn’t decide to come on board. I can’t thank either one of them enough for everything they’ve helped with and have contributed to the growth of DDM. You guys are amazing, thank you!

My interview with Bob Williams of Deathcore Dad Memes:

When you and Matt first started Deathcore Dad what was the goal?

Bob: Our goal was to make original memes that we enjoyed and hopefully introduce people to new bands they might not have heard of along the way.

How has this experience been for you?

Bob: The experience has been an amazing one. We got to meet many great people within this community. Regardless if they loved or hated what we did we always appreciated everyone that has been along for the journey.

Did you ever expect you guys would be a staple in the metal community with your memes?

Bob: Me and Matt had never anticipated getting as far as we did. We did this out of the love of memes, the music and this community. It is a good feeling to know people enjoy what we do.

I’m sure you noticed some bands have huge spikes in momentum after some of the content you make for them, how does that feel?

Bob: To know that we have been able to help bands reach a broader audience is phenomenal. Facebook loves limiting bands reach so being able to help push bands that deserve the attention is probably the best feeling of all. We are fans of music first and foremost and will always be here to help bands grow.

What is one thing you guys are looking forward to in the future with Deathcore Dad Memes?

Bob: We look forward to making some fresh memes for all the badass music that has graced us in 2019. All we can hope for is that people keep enjoying our content and that we can help as many bands as possible along the way.

It’s been a real honor getting to talk to these guys! I have seen hands on how fans can be drawn into checking out new bands just be hearing a 20-30 second clip of their music accompanied by a fitting, funny video. A few bands to name that I’ve personally discovered from a meme video: Bound In Fear, Brand of Sacrifice, AngelMaker, and Vulvodynia  just to name a few!


Chelsea Grin:

Bound In Fear: