Memphis May Fire: ‘The Remade in Misery’ tour had the fans, Wanting More

What else can be said about these legends other than, LET’S GO! MMF fans everywhere were ready for a Memphis May Fire tour to be announced and anxiously awaited tour tickets to go on sale. This tour was sure to be a massive tour for the band and was sure to produce sold out numbers. Their headlining tour began June 24, 2022. The band announced that they would have Wolves At The Gate, Rain City Drive, From Ashes to New on this upcoming tour. Thier new album, ‘Remade In Misery‘ under Rise Records is out now and can be streamed on all your streaming platforms.


The Memphis May Fire boys set out to make this tour one for the books. This lineup was stacked and had fans everyone buzzing about it all across social media. Whether you were fans of Rain City Drive (formally known as Slaves), From Ashes to New, or just simply getting into their music for the first time, it was sure to be a show you couldn’t miss when they hit your city. This tour would begin just two days before the 10-year anniversary of their album ‘Challenger’ which was a massive success for the boys and fans would anticipate the setlist for this upcoming tour to include songs from the album.

The first date started off in Charlotte, NC where they played the Fillmore to their first SOLD OUT show. This didn’t stop there, the sold out shows just kept rolling in. The band would continue on to play Pittsburgh for, yet another SOLD OUT show. For the first time in the bands career, they added “Left For Dead” to their setlist as well as other new songs from their album, ‘Remade In Misery‘. Limited tickets were showing up for NY, MA, Canada, and MI. The band encouraged fans to grab their tickets fast as they would definitely sell out.

This tour would be a BIG one for the MMF boys as Matty Mullins celebrated his birthday on the road on July 3rd. What can be better than selling out your tour, and having the time of your life with fans that adore you? All looked hopeful and promising for the band on this tour, but things were about to get a little dicey. No one could have expected was to come next. On July 9th, Matty announced that he had taken a nasty fall the previous day and unfortunately broke two of his ribs. He also released that he had also hit his head but scanned by doctors and was told that there was no major damage done. Mullins told the fans that he could still breathe well and if he could still breathe, then he was going to keep performing. There’s no quit in this band. Mullins told the fans also that he would not be moving around much on stage but would still be there to give them the performance they all were paying to see.

This band can do it all. Broken ribs, birthdays, sold out shows, astronomical hot weather, and most of all, being away from their families and loved ones. Time for the band to hit the West Coast and show them what they were all about. While heading out west the group revealed that they were going to be playing Blue Ridge Rock on Friday 9/9 in Virginia. This will include other artists such as, Disturbed, Slipknot, 3 Doors Down, A Day to Remember, Alice Cooper, Halestorm, I Prevail, Lamb of God, as well as many other incredible artists. Tickets are on sale now and can be found at 


While the band doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon, and were off to an amazing beginning of tour, cancellations unfortunately just happening this industry for many reasons. The boys of Memphis May Fire were forced to cancel their show in Berkeley at the UC Theatre on 7/17 due to unforeseen circumstances. Refunds were issued back to the guests at their point of purchase. MMF assured the fans that the remaining dates of the tour would continue on as scheduled and they would be full steam ahead. The band would then move on to play a pop-up show in Sacramento, CA at the Goldfield Trading Post where tickets were only available at the door for just $5. Matty Mullins, lead singer, still going tough as nails performing on this tour with two broken ribs, still with a few weeks on the books. The fellas continued to travel down the West coast and blow the minds of their fans as they gave the performances of a lifetime.

Time to hit the East Coast. Orlando, Florida, you’re up. This show was destined to be a massive success. The crowds in Orlando never seem to disappoint and welcome Memphis May Fire with open arms, as their drummer, Jake Garland is from Orlando himself. The show, as predicted sold out. The band released additional tickets opening up the upper floor to the Beacham to allow more fans to attend the show. The band encouraged fans to grab their tickets as soon as possible because it was highly likely that the tickets would sell out again. This was about to be one of the bands largest shows on this tour an astounding success. While on this tour, including their Orlando date, Memphis May Fire brought singer, Danny Case of From Ashes to New on stage to sing alongside Mullins in their final song. This had the concert goers in true bliss watching these two frontmen absolute smash it on stage together.

Jose Mangin also dropped by the bands tour bus in his hometown of Pheonix, AZ for an interview with Matty Mullins before he hit the stage, for Octane on the sold-out date of the Remade In Misery tour. The interview can be heard here:

The MMF boys did something really cool that we don’t very often in this industry. They announced a show in Houston where if you purchased one ticket for $25 it would get you into TWO shows. That’s right, not just their show at Warehouse Live on 7/28, but you could also catch their close friends in Sleeping with Sirens the very next night, who would be playing the same venue, all for the price of one. How incredible is that? That’s a steal if you ask me. As the tour began to wind down, the band played highly successful shows in Atlanta and Nashville. Next adventure for the boys, celebrating drummer, Jake Garlands birthday in Nashville. What a better way than to spend your birthday out on the road with your closest friends making some unforgettable memories.

I was lucky enough to attend the show this tour in Orlando, Fl where I was able to capture some unbelievable moments of the band. (Photos posted below). I was there to capture the joy, happiness, love, support, and the overall madness and energy this tour had to offer. I watched as crowd surfers took off to the stage, reaching out for the hands of Matty Mullins. watched as fans supported each other as they traversed the crowd and looked out for one another. This was an absolutely beautiful sight to see. Temperatures inside the Beacham were very high as the night grew longer and the bands took the stage. Fans in the crowd were passing cups of water throughout the attendees to anyone who needed hydration. shout out to security and the crew for being there for the bands and the fans. They did a remarkable job keeping everyone safe.

Memphis May Fire put on such an electrifying show in Orlando from beginning to end.  As From Ashes to New exited the stage, the crowd grew increasingly excited for the next band up, that’s right, Memphis May Fire. Fans coming down and starting to calm from the energy the previous bands had provided to them. as you looked around you could just tell that everyone was super anxious and anticipating MMF any moment. You could see the crowd not move as no one wanted to leave to use the restroom or to grab a drink. They were there to stay and standing their grounds. The venue was packed, wall to wall with Memphis May Fire fans everywhere. The concert goers watched excitedly as the crew began to set the stage for the Headliners. The noise in the venue growing louder, and louder. You could feel the energy all around you. The lights went down, and the band was ready to take the stage. The fans went up in an uproar of cheers and screams as the boys entered. It was so loud inside the Beacham you could barely hear the person standing next to you. Memphis May Fire put on a show that did not disappoint. The energy felt in that room was unmatched to what I have felt there before. It was absolutely incredible seeing all these people coming together for one night to have the time of their lives and share it with so many other likeminded people and make for epic memories. Mullins was all smiles as he closed out the show, and the band had exited the stage. The show was over, but by no means were the fans. They stayed in the lobby reliving every moment of what they had just seen. You could hear fans singing Memphis May Fire songs on the way out the door, singing coming from the restrooms, as we all exited the venue. This was a fantastic night for the guests, me, and the band. It was surely a night the Memphis May Fire boys gave to these fans a night they would never forget.  The band will be playing ShipRocked Cruise next year 1/22-1/28.