Memphis Hardcore band Vera release video for song tackling the struggles of recovery – listen!

It’s been a busy year for Memphis, Tennessee Hardcore hitters in Vera. The band has released their video for “Burden of the Master”, which is a heavy hitting song about overcoming addiction and the struggles along the way. The song resonated with anyone who has been through, or currently going through such events. Drug addiction takes the lives of countless and ruins families worldwide. If you ask anyone who has battled with this relentless enemy they’ll probably say they regret every letting the poison in their lives. For those of you out there fighting the addiction, you got this. Help is always out there. You’re never alone. “Burden of the Master” does a good job had surfacing the realities of it all. Watch the video for yourself below. Vera’s debut full length album “Summerland” is out now worldwide!

Video for Burden of the Master performed by Vera.