Metalcore Band – Life Renewed Release “By Faith”

“By Faith” features the vocalist  Alvin Triplett of the Christian Metalcore Project  BoughtXBlood from the Lynchburg, VA area with his harsh vocals and  Nicholas West on clean vocals. This was the first song written in 2014 with the inspiration of roommate and clean vocal feature Nick West. This is song number four of a seven-song EP called  Launching From Ground Zero.  This EP encompasses the concept of a person who has struggled in life and has formed opinions, thoughts, and feelings that have affected the person’s life negatively. This song, along with the concept of the whole EP, is a journey of reflecting throughout all of life’s experiences to discover and bring into fruition some of the lessons on how a person can find and truly possess faith – to grow, evolve and become a person with purpose. “By Faith” was the first completed song off the EP and was the foundation of the whole EP and encompasses all the elements of the EP musically & contextually”‘
 – Rob Volkoff

Special Thank You’s To:
Joey Perez – Graphic Design & Lyric Video
Benjamin Greenburg – Album Artwork
Shawn Delong, Jeremy Anderson, Chris Bowman, Steven Anthony Jones – 
Additional Production Credit

Created after the disbanding of I Prayed For An Afterlife (2013), Rob Volkoff ventured to record and produce his own music. Performing and recording in numerous projects over the years ( Countermeasures, O, House of Jacob, Patheos, Discerner ), the process of releasing the debut EP, Launching From Ground Zero has been delayed until late 2020. Anticipation is to be felt and held onto for the excitement of Volkoff’s new works; creating new music with a few vocal features on the release.

Written, Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Rob Volkoff of Renewing Music Studios