Former Michigan Metal Fest Co-Owner Convicted Of Child Sex Crimes – Tier 2 Sex Offender


UPDATE: Michigan Metal Fest has booted Spencer from any association to the festival in light of this news.

As some skeletons can’t be erased, this is certainly one of them. Rumors circulated of malicious behavior by Spencer Cody Robinson – One of the faces behind the massively popular Michigan Metal Fest and a member of Dead Eyes Always Dreaming. Leading to discovery of some horrifying revelations.  In 2007 he was convicted of 750.145C2 CHILD SEXUAL ABUSIVE ACTIVITY related crimes which according to Michigan law:

750.145c Definitions; child sexually abusive activity or material; penalties; possession of child sexually abusive material; expert testimony; defenses; acts of commercial film or photographic print processor; report to law enforcement agency by computer technician; reasonable availability of evidence to defendant; applicability and uniformity of section; enactment or enforcement of ordinance, rule, or regulation prohibited.

Child Sexually Abusive Activity or Material, or Child Pornography, is a felony criminal offense in the state of Michigan. Any electronic visual image, picture, video, computer generated image, film, slide, or sound recording which includes a minor who is younger than 18 or appears to include a child younger than 18 engaging in a sexual act may be considered child sexually abusive material.

Individuals may be accused of possessing child pornography or materials which depict the abuse of a child under 18, or of distributing these types of materials. Production of child sexually abusive material is also an extremely serious felony charge.

He will be on the Sex offender registry until 2036. Further digging into this matter we learned from an anonymous source that it was a sex tape he created with an underage child. After doing the math on his DOB we figured out he was 24 at the time and the victim was 17. We also learned from speaking to members from the Michigan metal community is that he’s known for using intimidation and fear to get his way. A lot of people are too scared to come forward on some of his actions. This man should not be where he is in our scene.


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