Minds Like Mirrors Turn Up the Heat in “Monuments” Music Video


Minds Like Mirrors Turn up the Heat in “Monuments” Music Video



(June 26, 2015 – Baltimore, MD) – The ambient-metal group Mind Like Mirrors has released a new music video for their song “Monuments” complete with flaming instruments. Premiering with*HEAVY Magazine*, “Monuments” is the third single off the band’s upcoming EP Metanoia(release date TBA). The clip was directed by David Borges and was shot in various areas of the group’s home state of Maryland.

“This song is probably one of the best testaments to the meaning of our EP Metanoia. A changing of one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life, is something we chose to express visually with our track ‘Monuments’. While the song carries a different meaning for each band member, the message remains the same. You are not alone.” – Peter Austin (clean vocals)

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About Minds Like Mirrors:

Minds Like Mirrors. The product of 2 years in the making. An ambient/metal style of music with something unique to bring to the genre. We’re not going to tell you who we may or may not sound like because honestly we wouldn’t know. But, we do know that after pouring every ounce of ourselves into this music the sound you’ll come to know us for is our own personal reflection of the human spirit.

Starting out here in Baltimore MD, we aspire to do more, to travel, and to give our music purpose. We appreciate and thank everyone who has supported us over these years, yet we find now it is time to prove our worth. With our upcoming music releases and show performances in the MD/VA/DC area we look forward to showing you what this music is truly all about.