(Mini Review) Beyond All Recognition – Drop = Dead [2012]

Band: Beyond All Recogniton

Album: Drop = Dead

Rating: 8.5



1. Characters
2. What We’ll Die To Defend
3. True Story
4. Drop=Dead
5. Arriving With The Sun
6. Brace Yourself
7. Smoke And Mirrors
8. Bitch Please
9. Legends
10. End Of Recognition

It’s been some time since I heard any good music come from Sweden, a country most known for its unrivaled death metal and melodic death metal bands.
Beyond All Recognition breaks this trend and is bringing something fresh to the table by making an experimental music style that tries to combine elements from dubstep/techno and hardcore/metalcore.
Personally im no fan of dubstep or those trendy metal bands that try to combine these elements because most of them fail miserably,
Beyond All Recognition is a HUGE exception to this rule however and proved with their latest release called ”Drop = Dead” that this ”dubcore” genre can be most enjoyable.
Under the noise of electronic static and bass wobbles this is an album that treats you to a barrage of breakdowns and groovy riffs.
To make it all a bit more diverse these elements are frequently traded in for a more melodic sound but dont expect these to be too lenghty,  because you will be pulled back in by the brutality soon.
Helping with this process are ofcourse the vocals (like it should be with any good metal band), a mix between growling and raspy hardcore screams is adding a thick layer of heavyness to all the songs.
The track ”Brace yourself” features guest vocals from Bjorn Strid from Soilwork, being one of the better known Swedish bands this adds some more recognition to this release, aswell as convincing skepticals to give it a try.
Regardless of the electronics ”Drop = Dead” is a very solid metal release at its core that I can recommend to everybody, whether you like groovy riffs, crushing breakdowns, bass drops/wobbles and some experimental elements as a bonus: this album is for you!

For fans of: Exotype, The Browning, Breakdown of Sanity, Buried in Verona

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