Mitchel Evan Release His Self-Titled Album

Mitchel Evan Releases His Much Anticipated Self-Titled Album, Mitchel Evan, along with his Single/Video “Baby Go Back To Bed” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves– Check out some of our favorites and watch here:


Mitchel Evan, the album, is an autobiographical concept record about a chapter in my life that affected me deeply and changed everything. Songwriting has always been cathartic for me, but never have I needed to write through something as much as this. Writing these songs served a real functional purpose in my life. They helped me gain clarity and perspective as to why and how things happened the way they did, and why I made the decisions I made. Writing this album helped me forgive myself and others. Perhaps, it even saved my life. I chose to make this my self-titled record because it embodies every part of who and what I am: witty and playful, selfish and lonely, kind and caring, curious, lustful, neurotic, angry, charismatic, depressed, joyful, etc. – It’s all in there if you listen close enough.” – ME

Track Listing: 1. Band-Aid 2. Lonesome Love 3. As Far As You Know 4. Cancel Out The Noise 5. Let Me Down Easy 6. Baby Go Back To Bed 7. The Distance 8. Kansas City Lights 9. Gotta Be A Way 10. Leeches 11. Work Of Art 12. Everything To Nothing