MOIST Shows Their Love For Cats In New Song – “Barbed Wire Speculum” – Out Now Via Chugcore

Crawling from the depths of Fort Wayne, IN – MOIST has debuted their new track “Barbed Wire Speculum” via Chugcore! The aggressive 2 minute track plays with the love of cats, providing some good chuckle moments accompanied by intense Brutal Death Metal. The technical riffs that reside within the song left a blissful taste in my ears. Composed with accurate percussion and brutally intense vocals. Sam Schneider is featured in this furry track as well as did the lyric video. MOIST is an Death Metal band from Indiana preparing to release their new album, “Dystopic Ideologies“, on August 1st, 2019! Previous efforts from the group include an 7 track EP released in 2018. “Barbed Wire Speculum” premiered through Chugcore and was met with good reception. You can spin the feline friendly track below:


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