New Music Video! The Bronx – Youth Wasted

Alright guys, we don’t do much music video coverage, and I honestly think that should change. So here’s what we’re going to do about it: Any new videos that catch our eye, we will cover. If any labels request for us to throw up some videos, we will definitely be down for it. I think that this will help not only the bands grow, but help us give a little better understanding of who the band is. Here is our first segment:


So, I was contacted by Austin of Secret Service Publicity about posting the video for The Bronx’s new track “Youth Wasted”. The video features the band “getting sexy” while doing one kick ass performance of “Youth Wasted” off of their latest album! The video is featured on and, I understand, this is going to be controversial, but just check it out guys! Even if you don’t enjoy the video, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the song! So here it is: 

Be sure to check out the bands’ latest album “IV” which hit stores on February 5th on White Drugs/ATO Records!