Mysterious Band breakk.away Release Stunning New Single, “OUTSIDE”

Today breakk.away has just released their sophomore single entitled “OUTSIDE”. Having just popped onto our radars in the past few months, very little is known about the outfit. Creating an ebb and flow effect, the female vocals contained within both released singles are soothing, while heavy guitar tones and bombastic drum beats build within.

“OUTSIDE” follows the success of their debut single, “I’ll See You When the Night Comes,” and builds on the atmospheric, yet catchy nature of the sound they’ve begun showcasing. You can check out the visualizer for both singles below, with some likening the group to that of Brit heavyweights Sleep Token, who amassed millions of followers this past year and are enjoying a sold out tour. It would seem that this band is off to a great start. Will we get to know more about them or will they leave us on the “OUTSIDE” looking in? Be sure to drop a follow on their socials for more to come!

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