Natalie Dean Releases “Damaged Parts”

‘”Damaged Parts” is a tribute to my childhood and my relationship with my father who has struggled for years with alcoholism. The song addresses the both of us by explaining how fragile the relationship between a parent and child can be. When one side loses grip, both seem to fall. “Damaged Parts” is for those who too are learning to see their scars as beautiful and a sign of strength rather than weakness.”‘ – Natalie Dean 

18-year-old singer-songwriter Natalie Dean combines her love of old-time rock and roll with her idea of modern-day indie-pop and contemporary R&B. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area allowed her to be exposed to the many genres and sounds of the West Coast. She found a love for songwriting back in 2011 after the rocky divorce of her mother and father. Natalie has always considered herself to be an “old soul” and truly believes that she was born 20 years too late. Two years ago, she was gifted a keyboard which kickstarted her present-day songwriting process. Fresh out of high school and starry eyed, Natalie is ready to take the music world by storm and start a journey of her own. She believes that songwriters are the poets and story tellers of today. In under four minutes, they have the ability to tell a story in a way that words alone on paper never could. Some of her greatest musical inspirations come from the piano pop/rock era of the 70’s and 80’s with Billy Joel, Elton John, and Queen. Natalie hopes to have the ability to collaborate with other artists and songwriters in the near future while concurrently developing her own sound.
“If I can leave anything behind from this lifetime, I hope it will come in the form of a song. Something to sing to, something to dance to, something to fill the quiet space between moments in time.” -Natalie Dean